did a lil audio msg groupchat (kinda an asychronous "ajar mic") for communist pals and now at night I can drift off to a chorus of darling words rhyming aloud

tiring: moss grown thick on a still rock

wiring: now rolling, but also now worrying about chips of rock flaking off

(inv. knight of coins / inv. 7 of coins)

you: burying radioactivity


I: highly valuing my actions, imagining a strong polity, ignoring all signs saying THIS IS NOT A PLAZA OF HONOR

q: what is a "fast-fish"
A: a "fast-fish" is a day, it is today, I do not know why

"hash function has colllisions for .01% of inputs" factoid actualy just statistical goof. this hash function has normal inputs all distinct. Malicious Jim, who is in NP & has a collision with a billion trillion normal inputs, is not normal and should not count

again a good morning of sun and living. cat from a downstairs flat wants my spicy italian from lunch, just a bit, as a gift. buddy,, I'm going hungry as is!

Today as usual acting as a guard at a virology facility. To visitors asking if you can fuck coronavirus in isolation: buddy,,

simaiaphilia; gross 

Working in Ross's flagatorium. Today this Clinton-looking guy actually says -- to wit -- "Sir, mind if I bang this?"
"Look, man," I say groggily. "Two busy months of guarding -- I toil! And wary historians still insist I can't fuck it."

"Clit Goon" commands his minions to claim him as a COVID19 casualty now. Funny, if you saw him logging into discord 4 hours ago.

"Clit Goon" is working to duck his vow, though I always said; if an actual apology is shown - I will not hunt him.

(signal boost pls) can you contact display id "Clit Goon" . got his word for a bunch of cardboard box in 2015

TODO: mop floors on jon's bottom - mop own booty on jon's bottom - mop bollocks on booty - cop floor grot

ill mop floors with your ass and swab my ass with your ass and polish my nuts with my ass and win floor poisoning

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