what should procrastination turn you into. a raisin?

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or procrastination could turn you into...an avocado? a fruity cocktail?

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i'm not procrastinating!! I'M not procrastinating!!! i shout as i slowly turn into a corncob.

nostalgia'd through oulipo.social's suns and stars tonight; what joy, what a blast and a past.

omg it is my birthday, how is this always surprising. IM THIRTY??!!!?????!

of baking, I thought procuring flour probably most difficult of all inputs. but flour has sat on my floor now for days, and still I do not lift it.

UK 1819
by Pursy 🐚y

An old, mad, blind, and dying King;
Counts, scum of a dull stock, who flow
Through public scorn,—mud from a muddy spring;
Tyrants who do not touch nor do nor know,
But parasitic to this fainting country cling
Till dropping, blind in blood, without a blow.

if u run into God whilst walking and God's not carrying any books, don't fuck him.

valid taboo glyphs bassoon subconsciously

as with "rip", "im" is an acronym, short for "it is I"

a computational graph's gloss of FLAD ROOM 

FLAD ROOM: a thin chair for holding control or grass or for cooking or diamonds

knit a trio chain around him
and shut your sight in holy fright
for is his food all opal fruits
and his drink that milk of gods

i wish oulipo would just allow that glyph and ban a, i, o, u for 1 month

whilst camping for six days i thought our world might transform in that duration, such that i would find it abnormal on again arriving, but on coming back find that singular, most fantastic, most shocking, transformation is found this particular location and its wilful viral obscurity! O, oulipo!

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