Almost 4:00 pm. Cat alarm is going off. Again.

Cat: yowl yowl yowl yowl yowl
Sculpin: Cat, what is your situation?
Cat: yowl yowl yowl yowl
Sculpin: What is this about?
Cat: yowl yowl yowl yowl
Sculpin: Mad that Josh is still at work?
Cat: yowl yowl yowl yowl
Cat: *PURR*

Okay, cat. You win. Don't know what you won, but you win. Gold star for absurd daily howling.


@sculpin my gosh, but your astounding cat wins at oulipo too? unfair.

@ngnr No kidding! That cat is all, "ALL I DO IS WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN" and I'm all, "Hmph. Cat, all you do is howl howl howl. You just howl and nap." But I admit, it looks good on him. A rad cat, if a bit loud.

@sculpin my cat also poops, so you got it good, pal

@cm Good point. And also barfs, can't omit barfing. At this point, any rhythmic sound that *might* signify cat vomiting and I'm up out of my chair pronto. Strong conditioning, you know?

@sculpin barfs and poops, two cool things that all cats do constantly

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