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bird noticing oulipo 2018

i wanna know about birds you find

Saw a pair of cardinals today! Girl bird brown and crimson, boy bird crimson and black. No photos on account of ugly-looking yard.

I saw that John Krasinski horror film, A Spot Without Sound. It was good!

Oulipo horror modification: a horrific animal-thing will hunt down and kill anybody who talks/puts stuff down in words using that fifth glyph.

Glad that my radiator
still works in April.

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Announcing a Mastodon copy! If you play Magic: a Bringing-In, you can go to wubrg.social for discussion of that. Casual to high-xp, all participants should join. Try out play by post!

Oh no: Toronto raccoons caught on film unlocking a "raccoon-proof" compost/organics bin. Crafty raccoons! cbc.ca/player/play/12086794917

A pox on my slow, wimpy laptop with only 2 GB of RAM

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Huh. My pic is...off in oblivion?

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spring rain
on a mountain path

You know, folks say Oulipo has fifty words for "m猬沵猬".

Co-oulipians: I might do a blog post about this small community. Any quotations/#introductions to add?

Ask not for whom this whal whits; it whits for you (singular, familiar)

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props to our oulipo bots, sitting without words (and what is a posting bot if it can not post?) for a month, waiting to inform us again about snails or Ahab, and coming back without any prompting or anything.

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crypto 馃憦 is 馃憦 short 馃憦 for 馃憦 cryptozoology!

stop 馃憦 using 馃憦 up 馃憦 all 馃憦 of 馃憦 bigfoot's 馃憦 coins!

Oh, it's bitcoin day on Oulipo?

My City Council is to discuss possibly allowing ppl to pay tax with bitcoin/crypto (though nobody knows how right now). Whyyyyyyy?!

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