Now 🚲 work group chat is arguing about availability of N95 masks 🙃

I'm trying to pick up a bit of Latin using Duolingo. That haunting owl... O_o


panama, panama, panama - amanap, amanap, amanap

I bring good work tidings, oulipo!

Ontario's Labour Board has put out a ruling saying Foodora food pickup-and-drop-off is similar to normal work, not contract work. So Foodora cyclists (and so on) can lawfully form a union!

Ruling link:

Yo oulipo, what think you of macrons for long non-consonant sounds to avoid that glyph?

Such as "cōd" for programming input, or "bīk" for 🚲

Dim sum'd. Also saw pic of my old pal's gown for upcoming nuptials!

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Smartly, I thought to don soft, forgiving pants for gorging on tons of food

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Dim sum with physicist pal from way back in uni today!

also now my butt has a big dark painful spot, from slipping on icy stairs with moving box :(

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last night saw a pair of jack-rabbits (or similar) whilst assisting a pal with moving into a flat. two watchful lumps foraging on a snowy hill.

Oulipo mods ban ע for us yiddishists

Fungi: not animals nor plants, but with parts of both.

Today I was told
That fungi ain’t plants
But built out of chitin
As arachnids or ants

Is a mushroom or toadstool
An animal, slow?
Not walking around
But so swiftly to grow

Out of autumnal soil.
Pop your caps up and shout:
“Don’t put us in salad!”
—Look, I’m wigging out.

Your half-fortnight's worth of arachnid art, goings-on, natural history, and taxonomy!

In today's post: aquatic arañas, how to look at tiny arachnids living on your skin, how to quickly find tomato-munching arachnids, a cool finding about silk, and so on.

Ask this Oulipian anything about arachnids!

anyway, ask almost anything about arachnids and I'll try to assist

Sorry for polluting local with that glyph in my links y'all. I thought was an automatic part of Oulipo. Did toot-string again with short-links.

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