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Oulipian Star Wars
Part I – Much Ado About Jar Jar
Part II – Two To Jango
Part III – Sith Hits Fan
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Rascal 1: A Star Wars Story
Part IV – Star Wars: A Star Wars Story
Part V – Plot Twist
Part VI – Furballs 1, AT-AT 0
Part VII – It's Back, It's All Back
Part VIII – Viva Canto Bight
Part IX – Skyfolk Go Upward

Dracula Daily 

Lucy got 3!!! proposals today! Can only marry 1 though.

today saw that film that's won much acclaim, "All Things In All Locations In a Singular Instant". It portrays forking world-paths without count, many surpassingly odd. just think, in a distant world, our Latin script might contain a fifth glyph and not just fourth, null, sixth. a funny thought, no?

Today I bought and put up blinds—that kind with many slats on cords. I also got a fan. Hoping it aids in cooling my room.

working with foss shit is like

uh when you type the letter e into the search bar the entire thing crashes

"oh weird i didnt notice because i dont type the letter e. i just leave out vowels and it usually works fine."

Anybody also subscribing to Dracula Daily? It's bits of "Dracula", chronologically, put in your inbox.

(In today's, Mina Murray's introduction!)



@nv i gotta strong want to put this up on a sign in my flat. "loch, lough, and lac" in a handwriting script

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow! My sibling and I will go cycling at a big local park on L. Ontario and look at cool rocks/animals/plants and stuff.

Toronto aficionados of : found this column about a downtown road's many multicultural joints. Drinks from India, Istanbul, that country with Ho Chi Minh City as its capital, and so on. I want to try kopi à la Malaysia first. (A bias on account of my background.) ☕

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