I took my cat Wasabi to our annual animal doctor visit via 🚲 and it was...not bad!!!!

Gonna try updating our mastodon instantiation again in a bit, from 2.9.2 to 2.9.3. Also adding a glyph or two to its list of glyphs what is forbid. Forbad. Bad. Bad for us.

Anyway, right. Upgrading. Starting in a bit.

Was just poring through Nicola Griffith's "Nautilus" (para.), a sf book about a world in which a virus kills off all guys. Anima...finds a way.

L'shanah tovah, Oulipo! Happy 5780. 🍎🍯

all that you think about it. Mina, I must stop. Good-night.

"Not without my own charm" - OKCupid or Tindr bio

Got caught in a rainstorm tonight. Fun! (I'm not a fan of pina coladas though.)

Gonna try snacking on dairy-dust popcorn...using chopsticks, for non-dirty hands.

A cool almost-autumn Sunday with cozy cat

has any man thatd kiss a womans bottom Id throw my hat at him

Many folks scoff at HVAC cosplay but I’m a big fan



Can you call in sick with chin zits? Asking for a pal

Finally got a haircut today! All spiffy and crisp ^_^

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