Thanksgiving food plans! I'm making a yam mash dish. Toppings: half thin-cut almonds, half marshmallows.

Might do it without any animal products, just for fun.

I should go shopping for good work togs but my cat is snuggling on my arm, what do??

Hi oulipo, sorry I was away. Politics and work and all that.

I'm sad bc it's too rainy to go hiking and rock-flipping to look for arachnids. (Not just our silk-making, two-tagmata-having pals! I am totally up for photographing Acari and tiny-not-scorpions-that-look-similar-to-scorpions-but-without-tails.)

Busy busy busy with politics.

Today I got a small rock mortar and pounding tool. I was looking for such a thing for a fortnight.

A long day at City Council. You can't modify conditions as play is ongoing!

I'm at a political rally to fight for my rights again 😐

@ranjit Minus words from DMs:

(Naif coding: singular and plural forms both show up in list, stray punctuation on occasion, &c.)

I just saw an ivory-colour opossum! As big as a cat, but with a rat's thin tail.

Lipogrammatic political words floating around Toronto/Ontario social spots today:

- unconstitutional
- notwithstanding
- dictator
- Bill 5


Rosh Hashana is upon us, shana tova y'all! 🍎🍯

Now I'm going to kick back and play that block-building/crafting thing with folks.

Farming tidings: took basil and parsly to grind up with piñons and put on pasta. Scrumptious!

Saw this (photo from Ian McMillan on that avian microblog) and thought of you. Background words compliant too!

Book 4. "Gnomon" by Nick Harkaway (no 5th glyph!). Fully nuts ouroborosian strata, impossibly big in thought and carry-out. OG dystopian: kool-aid drunk, you buy what gov shills, but scratch at it and holy shit. Faraday-box librarian kicks pail during official quizzing, but dying brain is a labyrinth that cop has to unfold. Commit to this book: mindblow, braingrill, utmost WTAF. Gnomon is a kind of thought, a kind of not-thought, an abstrusal angling away. Boggling stuff.

Today I bought food (both human and cat kinds) and actually put a bit of writing in my journal. But I also foolishly drank and now I'm anxious and twitchy. Stick to chai, Nv!

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