a. king's animals
b. animals in jars
c. animals you can hang out with
d. suckling pigs
f. stray dogs
g. animals in this classification
h. shaky animals (possibly mad)
i. animals too small to count
j. animals of paint & tiny brushwork
k. &c
l. animals who just put into sharp bits my fancy bloom-display urn
m. animals who, from afar, look bug-ish

6; _9, 20._ Lion, 5; _9, 45, 65._ Lithuanians, _9._ Loki, 14; _9, 112._ Lycanthropy, 2; _9, 19, 20, 22, 74, 102._ Lykaon, _9, 15._ Magic, 23, 24; _22, 37, 60, 64, 65, 67, 69, 74, 81, 83, 84, 107._ Malignant, 24; _4, 84, 102, 109, 113._ Mask, 8, 11, 15; _29, 37, 42, 57, 64, 67, 107, 111._ Mastodon, _20._

Word for morning food, drawn from old moribund lingo: FAST-CLAST. Akin to "iconoclast", "pyroclast" and so on.

morning ritual: cat sits on my stomach, purring

On account of insomnia, just got through that famous old book about a man who fashions a living, thinking monstrosity from unliving parts. My first go-round!

I cannot so much as call to mind what I did in 2019 🥴

among which small crabs (Ocypoda and Macrophthalmus)

thought our Union grand, and our Constitution grand;
I do not say

I did a typo on that whal-clothing post, my automatic typing apparatus substituting "clinch" for "cinch." But it didn't turn my phrasing bad! Which additional words can I turn into synonyms by adding an L?

Rainy day...but too cold to go look for snails in my yard 😭

Tooth-doctor trip (first in many annos) was not as bad as I was afraid of! No catastrophic tooth/gum conditions, just minor stuff. 😌

(Many silk-making arachnids spin sticky silk. But a minority of arachnids spin non-sticky, nanofibrous fuzzy silk. Not as strong for orb traps, but can work for small cracks and gaps.)

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Arachnid film 

Oulipians, I got a short film of a tiny arachnid making fuzzy silk!

Warning: arachnid

Oh btw Oulipo: this spot has high quality no-cost, no-copyright digital books! Including our own _Dracula_ and _Moby Dick_. (No Whitman so far.)

Baby arachnids starting to hatch and spin silk orb traps right now!

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