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As an illustration: "...of rickshaws" contains "Frick", a dog in this story. You grasp it?

"All stanzas in 15 Dogs mimic 'stanzas for dogs', a making of Oulipian Fran莽ois Caradac. In this sort of stanza, its sounds (though not words) form a dog's nym. Look at such a stanza, for bard Browning's dog, Flush:

My lady always humours
This dog, dining outdoors.
Pastry for my lady,
Rough, luscious tibias for my own.

[Original is rhyming.]

With "rough, luscious", an orator unwittingly says "Flush", that dog's nym. Similarly, 15 Dogs' stanzas contain nyms of all 15 dogs."

OK, Oulipo, you must try this book! "15 Dogs" (Coach Hut, 2015): chbooks.com/Books/F/Fifteen-Do

Gods gift a bunch of dogs in Toronto with human smarts. A particular dog is a bard, and his stanzas occur throughout this story. Only at its conclusion do you find that it's an Oulipian gambit! I'll try to put it in our words...

Tomorrow, brunch and an indy film with my sibling - Boots Rily's "Sorry To Disturb You".

@ranjit snailipo and birdlipo, in harmony at last

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(Most of Council won't go for hiking land-owning tariffs, though it's for a vitally important goal. 馃槥)

Cllr. Davis always aims at raising land-owning tariffs to pay for additional child-caring spots. And so on.

I'm thinking of writing a thing about various city councillors' "whit whals" - motions with no probability of passing, which individual councillors push for anyway.

As an illustration: Cllr. Layton always has an annual motion to pass on full costs of liquid un-polluting to local industry. Most councillors say nay. But Layton is still optimistic!

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*slaps top of whal* this bad boy can fit so much ahab foot in it

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I'm calling it, today is officially a Silly Day. Oulipals skipping symbols instad of circumvnting thm, grad school kids standing around in our corridor, sharing and trading cold dairy snacks, folks chatting and chatting and chatting...

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*slaps roof of oulipo.social* this bad boy can fit so many book cutup bots in it

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@nv lyrics, sort of?
um... lyricisms?

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pro-tip for tomorrow morning's snack: try hiding your plums amongst apricots

Yo, Oulipo!

What do you call that class of things that has in it rhyming strings of words (songs, but without music), and rap, and haiku, and so on?

I can't think of a good word for it.

Oh whoops, I'm mixing up my anti-Doug Ford do's. Today's is a common march.

Tomorrow, a rally in favour of...hmm. Coital / intimacy information in schools. Our curriculum now has got pushback on account of having information about kids' right to say no, and gay/trans stuff.

Doug Ford, Ontario's top politician, has said to instruct pupils with an old curriculum from 1998. In 1998 gay folks could not marry, bullying via WWW wasn't a thing, nor "backlash porn". And so on.

Down with Ontario's Tory party 馃槧