Awful stray thought: "community", or "c7y",

Catching up on goings-on on Mastodon and IRL. It is all awful and all ppl suck. I'm staying in this comm for now lol.

Dog days of August. Hot as balls. Cicada buzz.

Yo oulipo, voilà, my fortnightly arachnid-actu blog post!

In this roundup:

- fantasy arachnid art by a sf author
- court rulings
- black widow courtship
- global warming's impact on Arctic lycosids
- tarantula trafficking
- ...and that's just a bit of it.

I may try short form posts about a story or two.

About to watch an old uni pal's nuptials at a California city hall, via WWW broadcast. Amour during corona.

O, Satan swung by Atlanta,
Lookin' for a soul to snatch

Morning thought: is our world a simulation? Discuss.

Hi again all! I forgot my password, and only just now found it again.

Now 🚲 work group chat is arguing about availability of N95 masks 🙃

I'm trying to pick up a bit of Latin using Duolingo. That haunting owl... O_o


thank God nobody's panic buying Lao Gan Ma spicy chili crisp 🌶

panama, panama, panama - amanap, amanap, amanap

I bring good work tidings, oulipo!

Ontario's Labour Board has put out a ruling saying Foodora food pickup-and-drop-off is similar to normal work, not contract work. So Foodora cyclists (and so on) can lawfully form a union!

Ruling link:

Yo oulipo, what think you of macrons for long non-consonant sounds to avoid that glyph?

Such as "cōd" for programming input, or "bīk" for 🚲

Dim sum'd. Also saw pic of my old pal's gown for upcoming nuptials!

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Smartly, I thought to don soft, forgiving pants for gorging on tons of food

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