Ms. C. Manning is on a podcast to talk to you about mans, plans, and canals!

march sounds too militant. i'm gonna call it slouch. happy third of slouch!

alc 🍺 

tasting a hop drink from "Group Arts"—sour, with two kinds of hops and flavour of that tart bumpy crimson fruit that grows on thorny lianas

gross body stuff 

okay, copulation is fun, but what about flushing a ton of wax out of your aural organ, post-4 days of clog?

touching Moby Dick, which could not but occasionally

actually a parasitoid is a parasitic organism that kills its host, but…OK, I won't spoil it for folks

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watching bong joon-ho's "parasitoid" (2019) with group chat 🍿

Don't say that Paddington animal's 'nym. Say "ursos" or "arktos" or "that brown animal".

no birds today (that I saw, anyway) :(

was hoping for juncos or chickadis

Good tidings, folks: I found that masala chai my local shop was out of! Tomorrow morning, as much spicy brown drink as I want.

pals, I must admit: I'm flailing, adrift, upon almost finishing Duolingo Latin. I didn't know it was so short. What now?

I may try this no-cost class (found on Duolingo forums):

Tomorrow I may go to a big food shop to look for a brand of masala chai long out of stock in my local food shop. I miss it so 🍵

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