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@kit do you actually inhabit a farm or is it just joaks

What's with that wax coating on turnips though

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whit whal whit whal
whatcha gonna do
whatcha gonna do if Ahab guns for you

Hi oulipo, sorry for going away for days. Today I had a doctor's visit and got painful but important assays & vaccinations! Hoping you all had good days, too.

sorry for my random auto-promotion!

oh no I did boost my own toot and can't un-boost it

Today I was at City Hall, watching many ordinary Torontonians talk to city councillors about our city's annual financial plan. Librarians, doctors, moms, youth, activists, oddballs. Virtually all (AFAIK) want Council to go about improving programs, not shrinking programs. Hardly any councillors on board with this, sadly. #TOpoli #oulipolitics

@liam happy birthday! (If it's your birthday now.) ๐ŸŽ‚

@phooky what about good old "lmao"?

@isha congratulations, FLOSS contributor!!

@tallbox I was just doing laundry - only a quick dash across my building's courtyard, usually not worth putting a coat on for. NOT TONIGHT.

Drinking #thatbrownstuff in a shop and Macy Gray's "I Try" starts playing. In an instant, it's 1999 and I'm 14 again. Nostalgia... youtu.be/WEQ0l_m3Xm0

I got a not-old pair of ocular aids today! My last pair was not as strong by far, and didn't account for my astigmatism. Still dizzy, must nap. ๐Ÿ‘“

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"Tonight, you will admit 3 goats to this room," Marly groans.
"Ghosts, you must plainly m--" starts Scrooj.
"No!" Marly stomps. Slowly says that spirit, "I. SAID. GOATS."

How's our night going, Oulipo? I'm working (and will work tomorrow too) - out cycling, picking up food and dropping it off. #cyclipo

@ojahnn I'm on Insta for arachnid stuff. It's absorbing, but also irritating: posts don't load chronologically!! ๐Ÿ˜ก