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Almost six-hour-long cycling work shift today. Oof

lmao our @mlc has put in a Github pull ask for Masto app Tusky that rickrolls fascists, and fascists (and fascist-condoning ppl) got maaaaaaad

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Looks as though upgrading is through, and all is ok. Many translations missing, as usual. You can submit translations at

@quasihaiku a proud pair of snails throws a party for family and pals. "Congratulations," says a sign hung up amid bunting, "it's a snail."

Tonight on my way back from 🚲 work, I saw a guy from a building on my road, taking a baby sparrow out to try flying. It can fly downwards, but not upwards, so far. Its mom and dad bring it food.

Y'all, I saw a crazy thing today. A big black ant with an ant's noggin, sans body, still biting it - jaws locking onto a long, thin palpator. Don't fuck with ants.

folding lil origami boats in which to hunt whals

If you start typing but your app is actually just a long roll of papyrus, turn off scroll lock

if you start typing and shoot your pistol, turn off Flint Lock

@ranjit @ojahnn @nv @phooky working at my Bob Ross Foundation job again. folks always asking about copulating with a painting. buddy,,,

Was cycling in rain for my job, for hours. Now I'm back in my flat, with a purring cat. I wish I had pizza though.

Hi again Oulipo, sorry to say I forgot about you. But last night I had a night-vision about writing lipogrammatic porn. Just so you all know.

*looks at local conditions*

🎶 Biiiiking in rain, I'm biking in rain - 🎶

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0