Also, cat is still giving off (low) gamma radiation, so for a fortnight I must flush cat's piss & poop, and limit cat snuggling duration. But that's difficult to do; cat snuggling simply occurs at cat's whim. Poor baby.

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Just got my cat Wasabi back from a multi-day stay at an animal doctor clinic in London, Ontario, 2-3 hours away. Wasabi had too much thyroid (as many old cats do) and was in want of ¹³¹I gamma radiation. Only that particular clinic can do it.

Doing kind of poorly (motion sick/drowsy from anti-motion-sick pills) thanks to 2 long car trips (half with a whiny, anxious cat).

Kant's classic 1783 philosophy horror about A Thing

today's groupwatch with that cult classic 1982 horror film about a Thing in antarctica

dracula daily, spoiling an old & famous book 

@nv also: making anti-vamp caulking from god putty

dracula daily, spoiling an old & famous book 

omg Lucy ACTUALLY bit it, for good

Night-visions journal: that fun app from Japan about putting food and toys out for cats.

Look at this guy who sat down by my patio chair right now!

today took a good long nap, but did not do much work :/

Happy birthday to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins!

am in zoom confab but also so drowsy 😪

dracula daily, spoiling an old book 

omg omg Lucy bit it

(sorry about that phrasing) 🧛‍♀️

Oh wait, it's up again. So I can still go without a Discord account. (I hold much antipathy for that platform.)

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guy who is a light up sculptural Compsognathus (i'm not this guy)

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Oh no, I think my main installation is down…and I lost my Discord account (to ping admin)…*sigh*

making it cost US$23 to bring a car into Manhattan: good plan or totally fabulous plan?

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