Your half-fortnight's worth of arachnid art, goings-on, natural history, and taxonomy!

In today's post: aquatic arañas, how to look at tiny arachnids living on your skin, how to quickly find tomato-munching arachnids, a cool finding about silk, and so on.

Ask this Oulipian anything about arachnids!

anyway, ask almost anything about arachnids and I'll try to assist

Sorry for polluting local with that glyph in my links y'all. I thought was an automatic part of Oulipo. Did toot-string again with short-links.

Fossil scorpions from Wisconsin go back 430 million sun-orbits, possibly among first land animals:

Las arañas shouldn't affright Australians, say an arachnologist and an arachnological photog:

So I do a blog, a half-fortnightly round-up about arachnids: (warning: pics of arachnids)

I will try to toot an oulipo-compliant summary or two or four.

Arachnids, in a nut-husk: octo-limb arthropods ("bugs"), comprising not just silk-producing "Spinns" (as folks might say in Munich), scorpions, ticks and kin, but not-scorpions, whiptail scorpions, whipscorpions (no tail), microwhip scorpions, vinagrillos, and so on.

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ooh, that's kinda cool

Sorry for my long stint away, folks. My soul had no inspiration.

AWWW SHIT did I not post my visuals for that talk I did last fall about Oulipo Dot Social???? this is a link to my pdf ->

Today's to-do list:

- do laundry
- chai & anti-sad pills
- buy colourful lid & lash paint (my old products grow dry and, uh, old. Way too old.) I want to try a cool thing I saw a photo of.
- smush cat

At last, it's that point in our solar orbit for my annual posting of that old (auld?) folks' song, by "batfancy" Tim (who is not Josh Billings), ft. jubilant horn:

Hanukkah with sis & roomy was fun! Frying latkas, Christmas jazz, much aww'ing at cat. Now, hot mint infusion & food-coma.

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