Oulipo, what should I call that stimulating dry-plant drink from nations such as Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and so on? I drink it with my toast first thing.


Subaru Outback
A crypt of human skulls


oft a cigar is just a cigar, and a donut is just a donut

In additional goings-on, I'm building an almost-automatic chorus plant farm for a group world in that mining and crafting vidya. (You can cook chorus fruit and stack it to form lilac blocks and stairs.)

A muggy, cloudy arvo...a raindrop or two, but no storm. Boo!

Is your child omitting glyphs? Know all signs! Talk to your child about oulipo today!


tonight i should of did laundry, but i was busy putting up big pics promoting my job's union all across town 💪

At long last, I am going to wash and oil up my 🚲!

Any Oulipo pals into musicals? All that's on my playlist right now is that folk album-to-off-Broadway musical-to-Broadway musical, "Plutotown".

@phooky @joshly i think a LION KING is from tangling up a bunch of lion tails so it's a big ball of lions

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