Instantiation policy discussion topic: boosts of non-oulipo-compliant toots from global instantiations. I think I could automatically prohibit that; should I try?

I'm not saying I want to! Just tossing it out for community discussion.

@rjl20 I'm torn. I'm turning off boosts from folks who post noncompliant stuff, but now I miss stuff. I wish a noncompliant boost was a link, is what I wish.

@nv @sculpin @rjl20 this is a good compromising way - not blocking but adding a touch of padding so TL is kind of compliant. blocking is too draconic imo. or at minimum not original spirit of this instantiation as i grasp it.

@nv @sculpin @rjl20 i linkifying only noncompliant toots allows for Found oulipo as cam said. & also if i boost a good toot but it actually had a bad glyph but i didn't catch it .... linkifying can guard my oulipo honor scoring.

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