Yo oulipo, what think you of macrons for long non-consonant sounds to avoid that glyph?

Such as "cōd" for programming input, or "bīk" for 🚲

@nv instructions confusing, i bought a fish from a français politician and i'm trying to put it into vim, but it's just stinking up my laptop

Hmmmm. Just looking at it, I would think "bīk"'s pronounciation would turn into /bi:k/, with no diphthong...

@nv That's a smart trick, but my brain won't do its part. I think right away of a fish and that famous brand of ballpoints.


In my unassuming opinion, that would amount to an unfair shortcut, and no fun to boot. Smlr 2 jst wrtng wtht nn-cnsnnts.

@riddl @nv I do it occasionally with macron or aigu (as in zín) but mostly concur with riddl and try not to do it a lot

@nv i think if you call your programming input "cod" it's fishy and no amount of diacritics will mask that.

not that that's bad. for clarity, MY programming input is fishy.

i think it's a sort of truth that programming input IS intrinsically fishy. and calling it "cod" will show you that.

@joshly *taking a humongous bong rip* actually all programming is bad

@starlit @joshly *huffing a big cloud of vapor* actually all programming is a fish

@ranjit @joshly *licking a gigantic mushroom* actually, uhm, i don't got anything i just was trying to outdo your vapor cloud

@starlit @joshly *putting a tiny stamp with a cartoon mus on it into my mouth - n.b. this is just a stamp, nothing funny about it* mmf mmmf mmmfff i godda stamp stuck in my mouf

@joshly oof i gotta watch a 100% playthrough of this thing. i got stuck in first 1/3 or so.

@starlit @joshly i was vaping no-thc non-nicotinic froot-loops flavor

@joshly @starlit toot toot toot says a whal
bloop bloop boop bloopin too

@ranjit @starlit @joshly *starts transnational opium distribution organization, smoking own supply* actually what if bad... is gud

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