Y'all, I saw a crazy thing today. A big black ant with an ant's noggin, sans body, still biting it - jaws locking onto a long, thin palpator. Don't fuck with ants.

Hi oulipo I saw a most smol snail ๐ŸŒ

(Tip of my digit for comparison)

Found this Uloborus glomosus, an uncommon arachnid without poison! (It kills bugs with tight silk wrappings.) Look at its front limbs, which sport short, light bird-hairs.

Also last night I found a wood cockroach! Autochtonous to Ontario. Won't swarm out of control in buildings.

Oulipo, springtails. Springtails, Oulipo.

Distant kin to bugs, springtails munch on rotting plant stuff and hang out in moist spots - such as this moss.

Took a walk along Loch Ontario's sandy margin. No signs of spring so far, but for sun, warmth, and dragon boats.


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