"which arby's locations was i thrown out of?"

which arby's location wasn't i thrown out of, am i right?

oulipo wisdom 

world giving you citrus fruit? concoct citrus drink

possibly bad po-wit-ry 

an april fortnight of warmth and sun
brought blossom forth from waiting bud.

now smudgy charcoal clouds hang low.
a shock.

though birdsong still fills this stagnant air
my land wants and waits for may.

a. king's animals
b. animals in jars
c. animals you can hang out with
d. suckling pigs
f. stray dogs
g. animals in this classification
h. shaky animals (possibly mad)
i. animals too small to count
j. animals of paint & tiny brushwork
k. &c
l. animals who just put into sharp bits my fancy bloom-display urn
m. animals who, from afar, look bug-ish

I am ridiculously proud of my two offspring - girl child R (almost 16) and girl child F (13). Strong, bright, funny, kind and sassy. Music and drama play big parts in how both do social and fun stuff.

I was just thinking - it would bring additional joy to this community if a bot did translations of dril posts from birdworld (avoiding that glyph, naturally!)

This is similar to walking on slabs by a road, without putting your foot down onto a crack.

Ok, wow, back at last!
As part of my coming back to mastodon from avianworld. I now run almost six mastodon accounts, and i don't know how to think about combining and managing my many various wants and flavours in a non-crazy way. Hi folks!
(Is this thing still on?)

rain, rain, go away...
I'm about to go camping with my girls!
To sing, not far from Bradford-on-Avon...

List: if a county (in my country) conforms to our constraint -


Not many! (Am I missing any?)

back at last - had a long foray in twitland. good as that usually is, I thought it was poor form to stay away from mastodon's joys and quirks for so long. what's up, oulipians?

A .gif as my avatar! Thora Birch in Ghost World (2001) - such a vivid portrayal of angst and art, of finding what counts as important as you grow into adulthood.

So all of us row on, boats against flowing rapids, unvaryingly carrying us back into our past.

Away from oulipo.social, I said words with a fifth symbol, I saw into things with a fifth symbol, I thought with a fifth symbol: but logging on to oulipo.social, I put away fifth symbol things.

1 Oulipians: 13:11

This is similar to walking on slabs by a road, without putting your foot down onto a crack.

Ba mhaith liom tútáil agus focail mo thír a úsáid - ach níl fhios agam an bhfuil dótháin focail ar fáil nach bhfuil an cúigiú litir iontu.

Agus, nílim chomh líofa mar a bhí, agus is dócha go bhfuil m'fhocail míchruinn.

I find lipogrammatic constraint aids with a flow of toots into that void that starts a social account. Without it, angst about that blank void can halt initial tooting.

Nitpicking/tiny complaint notification 

Hi @mus, what a brilliant instantiation this is! Such a good and original focus for a community. I am sorry to nitpick but I found in your "additional information" part, a list of bad forms of posting, containing a fifth thing, following "d." You might want to think about constructing that part again!? :-)

Oulipo.social (Mark II)

Mastodon is a "FOSS" social sharing hub. A multi-host substitution for capitalistic platforms, it avoids risking a particular company monopolizing your communication. Pick a host that you trust — you can still talk with all hosts running Mastadon. Any individual can run a Mastodon instantiation and join in this social hub in a jiffy.