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Astra Sayforth @ojahnn

it's a small button for us but a giant data acquisition opportunity for linguistkind

Today's task: program a button so that linguists may download a bunch of corpus data from our host

@zyabin101 I'd join. But I'm thinking all oulipo fans can just chat on Mastodon, right? Why an additional chatroom?

So many happy folks on NASA TV today 😍

Back at it again with my co-author complaints: Why would you call a corpus that is part of a Common Task for automatic translation a "monolingual corpus"?? Its download spot straight up contains 10 corpora in all sorts of idioms, containing just what this corpus contains. This is *not* what I think "monolingual" stands for

@ranjit @sculpin That's my initial product for 2017's #NaBoProMo (national book producing month)

@ranjit OMG I think I was in Caramoor in 2010! I was visiting my dad's pal in Chappaqua, and all of us had a good day with a piano show in Caramoor. Good spot for a trip, I think!

@starlit Haha, I hadn't thought of it that way! Finally, a common night for both Old World and Non-old World!

So, who's going to look at that "moon blocking out sun" situation tomorrow? I can't - wrong longitudinal position.

I don't know what to do on Sundays. Luckily, I got a book and a gaming account on Vapour and a subscription to Knotflix.

@MrButton As s linguist, I gotta say I think our constraint just can't apply to writing with a totally disjoint symbol supply. It's not hard to do without a char if that char isn't part of any words you want to say. So: Arabic isn't a violation of oulipo, but it's also not a difficult task. You could post in Arabic all day long, but that would not at all look dissimilar to your birdworld/facialbook/slack/... posting history. Don't do it!