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Astra Sayforth @ojahnn

My buddy Sora is visiting! I'm introducing our ways of communicating. Fascination occurs. (This is a dictation by my pal, oulipo could grow by an additional account soon!)

Thinking hard about doing a conspiracy pinboard about my PhD topic. Too bad our building on campus is so poisonous it's not lawful to drill into a wall...

Show up as you do, as you did, as I want you to do
As a pal, as a pal, as an old rival
Tarry, hurry, as long as your arrival is punctual
Unwind, as a pal, as a thought from my past (from my past, from my past, from my past, from my past...)

rant, non-anglophonic Show additional

Going to a workshop on Monday, and this is what it will discuss:
- constructions
- constructs
- constructicon
- constructicography
I am *not* making this up this is my actual work

@pinkprius Mjam! Ich war mit Back-Milchprodukt nicht so gut dran. Naja, dafür war das mit null Tot-Organismus 🙂

@pinkprius Ich glaub das ist privat, komm von nicht da drauf

@pinkprius Puh, als Auswahl an sich okay, doch das ist ja gar nicht oulipotisch!

@starlit "Arch-Rival" is so full of passion!

Uni-Fraß laut Plan:
- Fisch (Alaska-Lachs)
- Back-Milchprodukt (Umhüllung knusprig, Füllung matschig)
- Grillkram mit Quark-Chili-Dip
- Quasi-Hack vom Rind, sahnig

And tonight, a visitor from Stuttgart is arriving!

Anyway, today is publication consumption day, I can't do anything that asks for producing anything of my own. #amPhDing

My talk about computational linguistics was good! And I'm going to do a school visit soon to talk to kids about studying this topic.

Today's Ohrwurm ist nonvocal and thus unouliporific. It's "9-Bit Hiking", from Dust Work Group (a gaming publication about dusting things)

@mlc hahahaha got a stink of youth spirit

🎵 With all lights out, it's not parlous
This is our spot, now wow us
I'm so stupid and contagious
This is our spot, now wow us
A mulatto, an albino
A mosquito, my libido, whoa 🎵