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Astra Sayforth @ojahnn

@Cogi wallah it's not harmful at all you just stand on your hands with your foot-limbs sticking out to your right as you swing in imaginary wind. how is that hard to grasp

oh and I want to do a "human flag" if I find an opportunity for practicing that!

#climblipo to do:
- find out how to commit to a dynamic jump from a low climbing hold to a climbing hold that's too far up for static solutions
- foot hooking in all situations - it's fun and not too hard to do
- do a pull-up
- do two pull-ups
- do a pull-up with only 1 arm
- find out how to optimally grab pinch holds

Patriarch: dad and boss
Matriarch: mom and boss
???: sis and boss

had a nightvision of campusing my way up a track I would find much too hard to do IRL 😢

In 2017, I got into a habit of constantly doing things that I want to do both during my workdays and in my hours and days off work. My job is cool. And I climb now. Oh, and also I got rid of an odd habit I had: using all symbols in my input board for typing! I forgot all about that glyph I'm not using. As if my writing prior to oulipo was all just imagination.

@starlit I wouldn't know if you hadn't said so! 😽

@phooky Vormittag is ~2 hours, but Nachmittag is up to 6 hours

@starlit So you hail from antiquity???? I'm only an indiction and two lustrums!

@phooky oh boy, if I talk in my L1 I'll find all sorts of additional options: Tag, Nacht, Vormittag, Nachmittag, Monat, Quartal, Halbjahr, Saison, Jahr, Ära, Äon,

Good units for talking about how many months pass from point A to point B, on oulipo: Olympiad (48 months), lustrum (60 months), indiction (180 months), gigaannum (12000000000 months)

What's your goal for 2018? I think my pick is that thing about not doing unpaid mind-labour. Also, no crimping. Also also, gonna try to submit work to two confs (at minimum).

just got a notification that I got my first publication into a Computational Linguistics workshop 👻

But it's only 3 days until my holiday starts, and I want to show my work to my class in January /o\

I'm forming word-strings automatically and trying to do a calculation of how good my word-string output is. I want to know how much that calculation has to do with which do-word a word-string contains. #gradschoolipo

My Python 101 class was so cool today! CompLing B.A. kids bring that particular fascination (and naivity) that I want in all my class-instructing work.

I'm okay - just finding it annoying that I'm always doing that sort of thing

Oh look, it's a subtoot ✨