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I'm going to star in an ad clip for my uni's computational linguistics B.A. program! Hoping I won't say anything stupid!

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cool thing about having a co-instructor is that your class *will* go on without you as you go to a conf in . I dunno what my participants did in our last class, but I'll find out soon!

i'm about to go to work for six hours of staring at my inbox, and two hours of instructing my programming class

A warm hi again to our two incoming potatos, @jay and @morph! Looking forward to hanging out with you in this spot! Grüß Gott und Moin!

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"diplomatic immunity" i say nonchalantly to a passing cop as i load a bunch of picassos into a cargo van

Ling conf is not at all similar to NLP conf. First dissimilarity: No official hallway track! If I want a cup of I gotta go out and buy it, with my own dollars, and miss conf talk slots for it. Boo.

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flying is cool bc nobody will try to talk to you, but arriving and grabbing your bags and figuring out trains and carrying your stuff around is kinda tiring

slowly turning back into a human, mainly by using a toothbrush

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you can call it Big Fruit all you want, but it ain't got no vitamins

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