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might fuck around and start putting UNK for all words that don't conform to oulipo

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truth told, I don't usually look at our local post history, so if an account joins us I'll find out from my favs only, not from that account's posts......... so shout-out to all incoming accounts, FAV MY POSTS ok thanks

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AWWW SHIT did I not post my visuals for that talk I did last fall about Oulipo Dot Social???? this is a link to my pdf ->

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motion to call any and all forms of h2o "soup" on oulipo dot social

Toot with a pin

"I am almost marriagium to that part or oth oth part on thoshich," (saith Brugus in his tim.

brain is not willing to go on its nightly hiatus 😠


working on my backwards braking today!!!

if you were wondering what happens when (doesn't allow the letter E) meets (only allows the letter E):

Tip for you back-coming or just-joining oulipians! All participation is tidal, and slow days naturally occur. But you might miss toots if you don't follow folks from this instantiation, as many lock down accounts. Go look for folks and ask to follow!
(And if "local activity" is too botful for you, don't shy from muting boring accounts. Silicon has no sorrows.)

I'm going to a salon for a haircut today 😬😬😬 this was scary without any virus to think about, but now it's making my brain 3x as anxious 😬

I am a fool and forgot to bring my library card! So I did go on my walk, but didn't go into my library, just sat on a playground in front of it with my baby for a bit.

plan for today, banalipo 

- walk to library
- drop off old glass at a local old-glass-box
- pizza
- mail voting if I'm up for it

oulipo wisdom 

world giving you citrus fruit? concoct citrus drink

baby wisdom about food 

carrot: good
broccoli: bad

can't fault my child for thinking this way though

Anybody just now joining us on oulipo dot social? Hi! This account is not on hiatus, I just usually don't post publicly. You can follow if you want!

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