Toot with a pin

motion to call any and all forms of h2o "soup" on oulipo dot social

Toot with a pin

gonna cook a soup tonight with my boil pal

looking forward to tomorrow's climb with my fall pals

i <3 barging in on your party and ruining your fun.... with my gang of spoil pals

I find it surprising that @kit, a farming guy, is not talking about his soil pals

s-t-r boosts

did my first moonboard workout today and uhhhh I don't climb as good as I thought

I put my tomato and paprika plants into big pots today; had a big cappuccino; a sunday nap; and am about to go climbing \o/

I phoria, you phoria, all of us phoria

s-t-r boosts

It's similar to Isla Nublar so I brought a box so I can study all of Barsalou's 1992 publication on human cognition and brains again.

s-t-r boosts
s-t-r boosts

🎶 soup, actual soup
i'm going to try it 🎵

For tomorrow's party I gotta soup my hair so it won't look too bad

I lost a lot of liquid during my workout, so I gotta soup up now

"I wanna go climb but I can't go out right now, it's souping too much"

motion to call any and all goings-on involving soup "souping" on oulipo dot social

I'm just glad my soup thing is catching on 💪

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