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might fuck around and start putting UNK for all words that don't conform to oulipo

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truth told, I don't usually look at our local post history, so if an account joins us I'll find out from my favs only, not from that account's posts......... so shout-out to all incoming accounts, FAV MY POSTS ok thanks

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AWWW SHIT did I not post my visuals for that talk I did last fall about Oulipo Dot Social???? this is a link to my pdf ->

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motion to call any and all forms of h2o "soup" on oulipo dot social

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"Non ut sua sapas ad nos opus ad captantur ad sunt,
Non sunt quantus antros contra nostro donavos alba doctus."

"Would not abstay to troublatably and fly,
And wound to try to try to two succus' or to tarry
To tall a story of to tarry."

most iconic book bits 

food, wistful 

@ojahnn shit: "olympiad"
fit: "ordinary quadannual olympiad"

[silly] status, lying 

having to modify my basic math on oulipo dot social, as from now on I can't say "Olympiad" to signify 48 months (it now stands for "probably 48 months, but possibly 60")

I know of two things that amount to a constant quantity. Humanity's stupidity, and bypaths of apocrypha

[guy with his arms full of stuff pic] why can't I hold all this human condition

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fast-fish and slow-fish sitting in a pond

no will--and a will was a practical impossibility in such a

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