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might fuck around and start putting UNK for all words that don't conform to oulipo

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truth told, I don't usually look at our local post history, so if an account joins us I'll find out from my favs only, not from that account's posts......... so shout-out to all incoming accounts, FAV MY POSTS ok thanks

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AWWW SHIT did I not post my visuals for that talk I did last fall about Oulipo Dot Social???? this is a link to my pdf ->

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motion to call any and all forms of h2o "soup" on oulipo dot social

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a computational graph's gloss of TORPHOLOGIST 

TORPHOLOGIST: a man who is a man who is a man

it's @starlit's party and you can cry if starlit wants you to

making a cup of and sitting down to go through @kit's tinymail is always such a happy part of my day/fortnight/month

a computational graph's gloss of FOOD FOOD 

FOOD FOOD: food for food

moria, humanitarian crisis, proud of doing minimum amount of individual work 

brought my sign. am shaking fists at gov. building. hoping to chant stuff into my mask in half an hour or so.

moria, humanitarian crisis 

aiming to go to a "allow humans from Moria into this country" action tonight. it's a scary thought (virus????) but it's not as scary as thinking about Moria with any amount of brain.

that man probably has a quoggy spot in him, but who fricking wouldn't

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