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I'm so angry I'm gonna go climb

In communist Russia, you don't catch Z's......... Z's catch you

A man, a plan, a banana

1, 2! 1, 2! And through and through
My vorpal sword go snick and snack!
I cut him down, and with its skull
I go galumphing back.

going climbing tonight!!!! I didn't go much during all my trips around this world this way and that. Now I'm going to commit to it 100% again. ✨

Android ist working again :)

my Android is a brick today, so I dug up my old COWON J3. good day to go back to that Franconian ska from 2011 🎵

Frankly I don't know what's going on

or look at my protocol (contains bad symbols) on birdworld: twitter.com/ojahnn/status/1008

just found an illicit glyph in this pop-up 😱

this is kind of sad but also so so brilliant

if you say it's not I'll just go out as I am anyway

is this a good look for tonight's talk

I'm just now going through this post by Douglas Hofstadtr, coming to know his notions of "pilingualism" and "bailingualism" 👌 theatlantic.com/technology/arc

100% did I post this to both oulipo and birdworld

no such thing as a word

Look At That Tomahawk, My Ass (I Won't Look At That Tomahawk)

first talk of ouroboros in this Doug Hof book is on p. 34 ^^