Toot with a pin

might fuck around and start putting UNK for all words that don't conform to oulipo

Toot with a pin

truth told, I don't usually look at our local post history, so if an account joins us I'll find out from my favs only, not from that account's posts......... so shout-out to all incoming accounts, FAV MY POSTS ok thanks

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AWWW SHIT did I not post my visuals for that talk I did last fall about Oulipo Dot Social???? this is a link to my pdf ->

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motion to call any and all forms of h2o "soup" on oulipo dot social

Toot with a pin

grad school 

hi pals. I did a full day of diss writing today. but I'll probably want to do additional writing days to finish this diss

😘👌 Plato is taping his own insight on this tram.

banalipo, good 

I'm probably starting a round of mining & crafting today. spousal unit found a cool map for us (by trying out all sorts of maps until a map was looking good to his standards)

finally got around to allowing additional follows! hi to all!

Wait, why would you put raw plants in a box? It's plants, and a plant brings its own box with it

Happy first of ojahnn's vacation day to you all!

I'm obviously not as high as I'd want to follow too many non-oulipo accounts.

work, a twist 


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