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climbing mishap about to occur @ojahnn

@quasihaiku No, I always wash in morning hours, prior to going out to work. Morning hour brings dripping

@whit_whal i am not fully wild on this for-profit tooting, moby!!! #corruptlipo

My bathroom drain is still cloggy, by now it's almost 12 months in this flat and I still got no working piping 😑 Is it too much to ask to wash my hair and body without flooding that room??

@mxsparks oh my, good luck to you! A pal just did that thing a fortnight ago. It's scary, but worth it! 💜💙

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#climblipo; minor injury (no pics) Show additional

@kit good luck! But don't pay too much plz, I still want to do lots of things from now to Christmas

@mxsparks It's a scary alt-nick, just for this month!

And now, I'm hanging out, playing Shroom Hair Guys LPs, and starting round upon round of Mahjong and Microsoft's Bomb Finding toy. (I'm nostalgic that way.)

Today I finally took that autumnal walk I was looking forward to so much! My husband and I did a tour through a calm, sunny park, not far from a spot in which a handful of mortal dust of humanity's first cousin was found 160 yrs ago.

I'm on my own on a sofa on Friday night, in want of a snack and a hug but lacking both, working on stuff I shoulda got out of my way during working hours but didn't

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(and occasionally submit my work to confs or workshops - so far to no avail)

it is ridiculous that I am paid actual living-standard amounts of dough for this job, in which I do nothing but study and transport wisdom to young scholars

Now that this campus is in "class modus" again, my Thursday is again a day full of distractions, no lunch, and no actual (good) work. Although I did put down ~20 words today... Can I call it a day? #gradschoolipo

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@ojahnn obviously you should go back incognito, in a wig and big faux bifocals, and climb at a discount

Soooo, my husband and I got him his own climbing kicks last night - and in that amazing small shop also got a handful of 50% off coupons for first visitors to our climbing gym. But I don't know anybody who is around and hasn't had a go at it! Do any of you wanna hang out in my town and catch a good workout? 😎