Four Two Two

I got a 422
But what can I do?
I switch symbols around
But I still run aground
I think of a word
But it’s just as absurd
No I still ain’t through
With this 422

I go to hit "Toot!"
But it’s still lacking fruit
I shift to Spanish
But it still won’t vanish
How stupid was I
To think that would fly?
Ain’t got no IQ
To fix this 422

I try Français
But my laptop says nay
Might smash my PC
And buy a 2CV
It’s not just I
And it’s not just you
All this damn world
Has got a 422


@plutoman This is good through and through. And with no 422! 😍

@ojahnn Thanks! Got a bit tricky by that third stanza. Symbol count was a factor in addition (obviously) to avoiding fifth glyphs.

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0