Tomorrow I plan to warp my loom, a Christmas gift, though I'm without any firm notion of how to do it.

@sculpin Why might a loom want warping? A loom is for cloth fabrication, right?

@ojahnn That's right. Putting on a "warp", also known as "warping", is what you do first. A warp is a bunch of strings that go across a loom.

@sculpin @ojahnn and strings going orthogonally is (archaically) "woof"! WOOF! (Common word for it is not oulipo-compliant)


@ranjit @sculpin Ah, so you warp your loom prior to woofing on it? Good to know! And how big is that loom?

@ojahnn @ranjit It's small-- about 16" across. I didn't warp it -- only had about 3 hours of snoozing (thanks, cat) and I was way too groggy to follow instructions. Soon!

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