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@kit upcoming skating night is on August 29, catch you at Burgplatz ✌️ rollnacht.de/

Midnight dairy snack as I wrap up this skating night!

Skating in proximity of Rolling Music Box Pushing Guy

PLOT TWIST: At skating tour's start, ran into woman who originally owns this kilo of chard -- our mutual buddy said that Y. is not wanting any chard this half-fortnight, and so thought that I could adopt this batch

As a plus: no having to bring additional snacks for my tour!

It's a gift chard and I'm trying to work around it okay

I should probably not bring my chard on this skating tour

On my way to go skating with a kilo of chard in my backpack

@ranjit @joshly @starlit @bcj @rjl20 why though? you can always put it as an additional option...

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