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Last night my husband took a long audio clip of a tawny owl crying just in front of our living room! This is so amazing for us, both having grown up in city blocks without this many wild animals around.

January is a good month for birdwatching from my livingroom window. Woodpicking birds, that Common Buzzard that chills just in front of my flat, lots of crows and crowy chums of crows...

My husband is snoozing and, I think, having visions of going shopping for plants. guy just said "mumbly mumbly ulkig [=goofy] mumbly"

Working in our livingroom today. As I'm burying our couch in scholarly printouts, my husband is trying to find out if that buzzard sitting in front of our window is in fact a buzzard. It's a good (but long) path back to our normal work habits.

had a brilliant 4 months of climbing, and I'm not planning on stopping soon!

Today I did a good job climbing a track my husband calls Fick-Dich-Track (owing to how tricky it is -- insulting it was our only approach during our last workout)

Today I'm going sock shopping with my dad! 🏃👣

hanging my stocking / I can catch a knocking / is that you, Santa Claus?

In my cultural background, you can't sit in an outdoors spot at a bar and ask for a cup or mug of . If you occupy a spot outdoors, you must go for a kannakin. "Outdoors only kannakin" is what any of my compatriots will say to you

"kannakin" is a bad word in my lingo btw :-/ so don't look at that kannakin, sir, but do look at that immigrant or immigrant's kid, and stop it with your racist insults

s-t-r boosts

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🎵 think about no nations
it isn't hard to do
nothing to kill or fall for
and no flag-fucking too

I'm in Thuringia, which is usually frustrating and awful, but today I'm having fun??? Mom's folks showing us around this small town, and sharing historic info about this world that has nothing at all to do with my own world. And SO MUCH FOOD

as of today, I'm lurking on instagram to watch climbing folks do climbing things ✨ it's my first foray into insta land and so far I don't know if I'm going to draw much joy from it or not

had nightvisions of confronting a random bully, who was so mad at my confrontation that his only option for saving his dignity was sawing a part off my Android????? I was so angry

s-t-r boosts

I'm having two days off and it's so good, y'all. On Saturday, my husband and I had two hours of climbing, and I couldn't stop grinning. Both of us did our first track of a too-hard-so-far difficulty class! And today is full of good food, chilling on our couch, playing Story of Zalda (Linking Worlds), and worrying about nothing 🌱

oh and I want to do a "human flag" if I find an opportunity for practicing that!

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