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Astra Sayforth @ojahnn

@sculpin Why might a loom want warping? A loom is for cloth fabrication, right?

@isha Oh cool, a book-watching human! I'm in computational linguistics, so my job is about making a computing box study a book and know what it's about. Hoping your library aspirations work out!

@isha Is that sort of thing what you do for a job?

@liam @ranjit @quasihaiku wait, so its wisdom about christmas and snow *wasn't* taught by you? Spooky!

Last night my husband took a long audio clip of a tawny owl crying just in front of our living room! This is so amazing for us, both having grown up in city blocks without this many wild animals around.

@ranjit @quasihaiku @liam I don't know! Quasi is always on top of what's going on, with christmas and stockings and snow and spring... I think it just knows!

@phooky oh boy, stay warm with your family!

January is a good month for birdwatching from my livingroom window. Woodpicking birds, that Common Buzzard that chills just in front of my flat, lots of crows and crowy chums of crows...

My husband is snoozing and, I think, having visions of going shopping for plants. guy just said "mumbly mumbly ulkig [=goofy] mumbly"

parts of talk:

@phooky funny, that's what I was going to say

Working in our livingroom today. As I'm burying our couch in scholarly printouts, my husband is trying to find out if that buzzard sitting in front of our window is in fact a buzzard. It's a good (but long) path back to our normal work habits.

had a brilliant 4 months of climbing, and I'm not planning on stopping soon!

Today I did a good job climbing a track my husband calls Fick-Dich-Track (owing to how tricky it is -- insulting it was our only approach during our last workout)

@v21 @ranjit good job, I'm glad you didn't opt for your "staying in" option! My climb was fantastic, but my clan didn't want to go on past our two-hour mark...