A List Of Hugo Victors, 4/4


A Windup Girl
A City & A City
Blackout / All Okay
Among Folks
Ancillary Judiciary
A Worry About Two To Four Corpora
This Fifth Phasing
A Portal Of Big Rocks
A Rocky Sky

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A List Of Hugo Victors, 3/4


Son Of Uranus
Vor At Play
A Burning Upon That Abyss
Doomsday Book
Viridian Mars
Mirror Dancing
A Duration Of Diamond
Cyan Mars
Always No War
To Say Nothing Of A Dog


An Abyss In That Sky
Harry Claymason And A Burning Cup
Gods Of USA
Paladin Of Souls
Jonathan Odd & Mr. Northspring
Rainbows Finish
A Union Of Yiddish Cops
This Is A Crypt Book

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A List Of Hugo Victors, 2/4


Night's Sinistral Hand
To Your Various Corpora Go
Yon Gods, Yup
Tryst With Rama
Folks Without Stuff
Always War
A Past Spot For Birds To Sing


O Paradisical Fountains
Snow Monarch
Downdown Station
Foundation's Rim
Startidal Rising
Annihilator's Play
An Orator For Ghosts
That Uplift War
Tomorrow Is All Cyt's Day

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A List Of Hugo Victors, 1/4


A Torn-Down Man
Folks'd Fain Know Accuracy
Two Stars
A Big Duration
An Occasion Of Morals


Starship Troops
A Hymn For Saint L.
Martian In An Unusual Land
A Man In A High Fort
Way Station
That Sojourning Guy
This Immortal
Yon Moon Is A Harsh Madam
Lord Of Light
Stand On Zanzibar

Gosh. Hi again, O Mastodon. So how much activity is still on this platform?

Also, for I truly don't know: this is obviously an unusual instantiation of Mastodon, but is it also an isolationist instantiation? Or can its inhabitants find and follow folk on distant Mastodons?

I worry that my actions — and, importantly, my inactions — may not conform with my own morality.

I am an avatar of angst.

How do you lift your body from its couch?

(Asking for a chum.)

You'd think that, coming back from vacation so abruptly, I would know what to say in my following paragraphs.

But no. Nuh-uh. No thoughts in this cranium at all, hardly.


So that round of voting was a tad surprising. Looks as though a minority or coalition will run things for a bit. I still don't know my own opinion about that.

Sublimity in all things!
So much stuff is cool if you work in a group.
Sublimity in all things
If your living has truth!

(Plants, frogs, clogs—)
(Rocks, clocks and socks—)
(Figs, and jigs and twigs—)
All you know or spy or think or say
Has sublimity!

A silicon chip's in that girl's mind;
Its switch says, "Too much load."
And nobody's gonna go to school today:
That girl will stop us from our goal.
And Daddy's failing hard to grok it,
And says his girl's just as good as gold—
And cannot build a story,
For it is no story,
No story that should find its way told — old, oh-oh-old—

Say now why? "I don't want Mondays."
Say now why? "I don't want Mondays."
Say now why? "I don't want Mondays:
I'm gonna shoot, oo-oo-oo oo oot, that full day down."

Ho ho, I'm a simian!
And folks will say I simian around,
But I'm too busy singing
To put anybody down.

TFW you work two…four…six hours without difficulty…and all in a rush, as fast as you can grok it, it's almost night, and only if luck is with you might you finish your workday at thirty hours, as if 'twixt six and thirty lay no obvious spot to stop.

I'm starting to avoid any particular sundry writings - and notably any social status - which contains a vapid "so."

"This [short film] is so kind!" Sort of? It's got uplifting, buoyant music, and probably an ad if you watch that far, but it shows nothing unusual.

"This [pithy truism] is so important!" No. It's poorly thought through propaganda. Always.

"This [misattribution] is so tru—" Just … go away, okay?

Oulipo is a fantastic spot to park my spirits. You can't craft "nnui" without an "".

Today is a day for a long morning snoozing!
My corn-in-a-bowl waits upstairs.
I'll sip from a cup with warm liquid infusing
And sort through my formal affairs…

And if I am vigorous — if a small fancy
Convincingly says I should try—
I think I may finally (though my hip's chancy)
Go bicycling too, by and by.

I'll zoom away south on diagonal pathways
And follow a sharrow or two,
And if I can't push my poor foot much past halfway,
It's still a vast thing that I do.

…Or it could rain.

Say, @mus :

@sculpin put it into my mind that if I brought this situation to you, plausibly you might know how to fix it? —for in a fit of insomnia last night, all amidst signing up for this fabulously silly community, I forgot how to do orthography on my own account ID.

Can it switch at all, or am I stuck with "foul" for "fowl" always?

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Dr. Not A Cat

From Russia, A Cat, Lovingly


How Lightningballs Sound To A Cat

You Only Occur Twofold, But A Cat Can Occur Thirty-Six Fourths-fold

A Cat On Liz's Spy Payroll

Cats (And Diamonds) Occur Always

Surviving, Allow A Cat To Stop

That Cat Has A Gold Gun

A Film About A Spy Who Thought I Was Truly Nifty (And My Cat)

That Cat Who Picks Up Moon Yard Compost

For Your Cat-Vision Only

Cats Do Not Say, "Not At All," At All


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