parkr boosts

“Going aboard?” “Hands off, will you,” said I.

unfollow if you must. might turn down how oft it posts

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aaah i can't do it. will bring it along on my box promotion

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thinking it's a go to turn out lights on whit whal

I am now back, with a full study of Moby Dick to my aft. lots of @whit_whal is falling into its spot.

parkr boosts

Caw! caw! caw! caw! caw! caw! Ain’t I a crow? And

Planning to bump @whit_whal's tiny cloud ship up a notch on Saturday or so. I don't think it will go badly, but if you spot any hiccups I want to know

What's cool is how so many of you don't sound "off" talking in Oulipo. With folks switching to Mastodon and puzzling on instantiations, I can talk about this spot and think, dang that's cool

OK tonight I am going to stay in and work on writing stuff. Putting this into words for accountability.

it's a cool thing that our bot pals occasionally finish a thought communally, in that particular bot pal way

I had only a dim notion that my black-mirror-angst-gizmo could buzz with such passion at a FLASH FLOOD WARNING (until last month; and now it occurs on 4-5 occasions a fortnight)

A small pro to that rain coming on so quickly and with such vigor is that it couldn't possibly last

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It just starting raining SO hard with no warning and frankly I'm sick of it

So folks I don't know how many rotations around our ol' Sun y'all can count, but at thirty I now know that I gotta cut down on or I basically cannot catch a wink at night

I don't know what @whit_whal is gonna do upon posting all its valid parts. I simply forgot. Now all of us can, as a group, not know!

Fun and odd as my notifications column (on my main, non-oulipo account) fills with folks I know from birdworld. Sorta familiar, akin to last April, but this go-round it might stick? I don't think I want a thing that is almost-but-not-totally birdworld. Idk idk idk

Also lol at programming stuff, am I right? Computing is such an odd thing

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