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Just had a pal (Victoria, a compliant nym) assist with nixing a bug in my Python script and dang it was cool

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You know who won't stop tooting good and compliant toots, is @whit_whal, that's who

Is anybody still around? I just thought of this cool spot and how much fun I had in it

showing my ugly mug in this spot god forsook only to say I'm not having any of that brown stuff right now and it's a THING and it sucks

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Wow I kinda didn't post on this for too long. Sorry. If it's any consolation, I'd hazard that I was writing in spots that allow taboo symbols.

Don't know if I'm cut out for it but: tgif, right?

Any Oulipals trying to go to SRC CON?

Follow-up: all that fog did a total vanishing act

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Bunch of fog in San Francisco today. Sort of , I admit, but it truly is a LOT of fog

Had to show folks that I know how to program Xs and Os so I did it and no nobody can push back on my rightful claim

Y'all watch that MST3K follow-up? I only saw its first bit but I think I dig it, yo

Blah it looks as if a guy ran off with a bit of art I bought and which sat for a short bit in my building's lobby during my vacation last month

Not a big nostalgia buff but this morning I abruptly want so badly to play that old point-and-click about Guybrush on a piratical island

This guy falls a hair short of my aspirations for it but could still work. Worth posting, at a minimum. CC0, if you can top it.

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"Nuh-uh, bud. Cut that stuff." Yup, sun's up so yours truly busts his hump (ugh—no cut, can't turn a buck) to bump a numbnuts's abrupt mucking-up, humping, and, uh, fucking our stuff. Bud, upstairs curbs yours truly's fucking—sucks!

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