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@kit you should try looking at this compilation of hot farming tips

you can't fail!

@kit it's glorious! no rival chip claims a "bialy" input on its block diagram.

PT8A2514A: your go-to for hi-fi bialy toasting control

to my dismay, my usual IC distributors do not boast a solitary PT8A2514A chip in stock

@starlit @ojahnn how do i sign up for Oulipo Plus and how much will it cost

i'm on board for additional bonus product

Spin up that loud/A third, fourth round of shots
Spin up that loud/A third, fourth round of shots
Spin up that loud/A third, fourth round of shots

Turnip for what

*ultra branding consultant sounds*
i would try this:
"Turnt Up Turnips"
young hip folk will go crazy for it

@ojahnn an old latin word for a hallway sunk into dirt, for sub-ground transit

or a punny lavatory-on-call corporation for bringing a small plastic potty to churchyards and sundry burial grounds, ok, why not :)

phooky boosts

I know a guy who did computational linguistics way back ago. Now his P600 is a flat 1 and his N400 a flat 0, his brain has no Broca part, it's only a giant siliconic circuit, if you talk to him and miss a noun conjugation you hurt his morphology chips. Anyway my pal is a robot now

today's word is "cryptoporticus".

as in, "famous tyrant caligula bit it in a cryptoporticus". sic nunquam tyrannis, huh.

@ranjit @ojahnn pals don't allow pals to do automatic analysis of strings. if you find signs of parsing in _your_ community, call upon your training: stop, drop, and roll-- and call a cop.

*pulls off your flowing, lustrous hair*
"a-ha! it's just old man kit in a wig!"

@intherain i know, right? "fascists just want a sandwich with no crust!": not what i thought i'd find my hands typing this morning but

@starlit @kit @ranjit @ojahnn ok, i know how to track down a pontiff. now i just gotta find a truck and a pizza

@ranjit @kit @starlit look buddy i work at this davinci display joint and our boss won't allow any of us to grab it #drilincipo

@intherain that's just a fascist word for sandwich!

no kidding: it's D'Annunzio's brainchild. look it up on a wiki.

Grandpa's got our tot for a bit. In Roma, no particular goal, a criminal act of opportunity.

@nv thank you! that's just what i was looking for!

i can't laugh aloud in with traditional www styling on oulipo dot social

i can only do this

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

not as satisfying