i am going to giant psychic pillars of quartz camp, will mail you all psychic postcards

don't skip Jan Austin's final works, Northblimppark Priory and Convincing

knock-off author Jan Austin's "Flan and Flammability" is a wild romp

Charly, Milly, and Ann Bronty in: My Tiny Bronty: Siblinghood is Magic

oulipo: vampiric subtoots day in day out

Singing "Rock Johnson" to music of B52s

My DNA says I am 100% that bitch today

Today is a big "put Lizzo on your Hi Fi and turn it up" kind of day


"yacht" is a bad combination of glyphs and it should do a sad

my yacht your yacht his yacht our yacht gotta grab a yacht yacht gotta grab a yacht yacht

onions + snails + plums -> oulipo goulash: or, goulipash

submit your ORL to join our onion ring

just put up a load of laundry including following stains:
1) kid A's stool
2) kid B's blood

i thought "turnt" was short for "turnip'd". wow it turns out THAT was wrong

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