Anton's Gun, Tolstoy's Harpoon, Pynchon's V-1 Flying Bomb: An Armory of Obligatory Annihilation

Catacombos: hard salty cylindrical snack with human ash within

phooky boosts

It's national Bring Your Hangups To Work Day

phooky boosts

@a_day_in_dublin *slaps roof of kit* this bad boy can fit so many of our human shortcomings in it

you so vain
you probably think this subtoot's about you
you so vaaaiiiinnn
you probably think this subtoot's about you
don't you
donnnn't yoouuuu

Today is National Dumplings in my Tummy Day (obs.)

Trotsky, Marx, Stalin: A Constant Brass Braid

Stomach flu, SO out of town, rocking baby

This is worst

Didn't think my day would contain a sick, crying child saying "DADDY I WANT DAFT PUNK" but


Who's got two thumbs and just had an infant punch him hard in his mug

Didn't find out what was in that lunchbox; assuming it's Brad Pitt's noggin

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0