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I don't know why but this particular morning, with just my kids and I, is just so chill. Big kid got a bath, small guy is cooing.

Kid's stuffing muffin upon muffin into his gaping maw. It's a horrifying sight. Just molars and muffins and crumbs all around, a tornado of gnashing incisors and smacking lips

phooky boosts

I would not FTP a hack
I would not download to a Mac
I would not, could not, Sam-I-Am
I would not download a Trans Am

phooky boosts

sorry for putting publicity stuff in this spot but BOOK TOUR soon

Drinking bloody mary mix straight is odd; it's a sort of classy V-8 from a fictional land

Anyways you can buy virgin marys at our food shop is what I'm saying

knock knock.
who is it?
boo who?
don't cry, it's just a ghost

Proving his point, Bob rubs his mug on a painting, adding a happy twilit mountain and providing a shroud of turin for his cult

Bob isn't badly hurt, but boy is his mug crimson

"only happy accid--" Bob Ross says just prior to tripping on a stray canvas and smacking his nogging hard on a giant can of alizarin crimson

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got stung twixt my pinky and ring digit today by an apis m., and it fucking huuurrrtts

A half-grown human, without pants, runs towards you, rapidly unfurling and shutting a brolly. This is my day.

two poops in his potty tonight, no prompting. i am so proud.

Fun fact: "lofi hip hop radio" chills out my infant during fussy hours

^- that hashtag

Got to fix a toy for my kid. I say, "it's ABS, so it's not hard to fix." Now kid is running around shouting "ABS! ABS!"

Shopping trip is now a chill sunny day stroll

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