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I officially can not stay on top of all this amazing oulipo posting

I am stating Tootlist Bankruptcy

(this is for our living digs, not a shop vac for sawdust and such.)

our vacuum apparatus has bit, as that old saw has it, dust. looking for a good vacuum for our digs; any thoughts?

[worf narration]
today is a v. day on oulipo

During my tours of our Spanish History Club facility, folks always want to know if bonking that slick flag is a possibility. Amigo,

now our kids got not-ill, both mom and pop got a bug. booooooooooo

i was going to do fun stuff tonight, but i got a cold. :(

You: look, a unicorn
I: [puts digit to your lips] shh now

Huh. So my kid is afraid of lightning.

playing with food is in full swing at phookyhaus

no, kid, do not put food on your noggin. no, don't throw your spoon. no, don't rub your front with hot oats. damnit ugh

i should probably stop laughing so hard

oulipo plus: you got only 24 gyphs, it costs only 24 bucks

sign up now! Bobby is in front of his computing gizmo for your click!

oulipo plus, for only our most V. VIPs

fuck it, i don't got to do this first glyph, too

going to oulipo plus

my son is trying to build a railroad train out of two tractors

points for imagination, kid

I got my 'A' button working again! Four non-consonants, what a joy!

kid now has an ugly rash on his skin. boooo.

Unusual crawling buddy

Proto-Luna Moth go crawl crawl crawl