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all ok now. that was fun

soloing w kid and infant on 3 hours total nap last night. span from Mom going out to simu-spawn tantrum: approx. 6 min.

obviously both sport a swol nappy

so much crying

baby's doctor visit stats:
.10lb 15oz @ 1 month
90th % on noggin girth, mass, and up-down span
no criminal history

phooky boosts

@phooky our protagonists: two youts.

A Call From Cthulhu, by H. P. Lustcraft

Additionally, by this author:
- This Colour Out of Vacuum
- Rats In My Walls!
- That Thing On Our Stoop
- Hubba North, Doubly Animator
- At This Mountain of Angry

Baranois, by Gold-Bug hack

A young man is way too into his cousin's oral furnishings (almost carnally, you might think). As said cousin grows ill, that man just can't stop thinking about that stunning tooth array. Alas, his cousin punts this mortal coil, or so all think! Our young buck blacks out.

Rousing in a library, that guy is told that his cousin still ticks! Was dug up, cut up! Our man panics-- horror! Shock! Disgust and loathing! For from his coat, tumbling: molars and incisors!


baby is wailing as much as an "inquiry ship" from japan

can't wait for kids to finish "fun pooping" part of kid-dom and skip right to "bad dril adaptations on oulipo dot social" part

baby is making adorbs pooping sounds in his mini-crib; H, half-rousing, laughs

baby poop Show additional

kid only draws up-down marks with his chalk. I ask him for a horizontal mark. kid turns his noggin 90° and draws an up-down mark.

... slick hack, kid.

today so far: baby orbital launch via gastric propulsion fails disgustingly; kid flunks out of intro swim class. whoo

A classic L. Flatt song for your Friday night: "I Can't Distinguish Boys From Girls"

Last night I got a bit of Actual Unconscious Inactivity, huzzah

sick kid is finally improving. tiny kid is finally snoozing. this sat/sun was shiiiiiiity.

attn @ranjit : this oulipo-compliant frou-frou gift shop in my locality has a ouroborian logo that may charm or horrify you.

baby's first doctor visit today! doc confirms: baby swol

what "is" is. i want to

baby tall
baby swol
but most important
baby smol

four capital word-bits
writing in gold
data bought for naught is now not sold
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