Toot with a pin

doctor: and what do you do if you grow sad
I: toot on oulipo dot social
doctor: no

doctor: and what do you do if you grow sad
I: toot on oulipo dot social
doctor: no

I'm back what dumb micro fads did I miss

It's salami
That I'll fry if I want to
I'll fry if I want to
Fry if I want to

You'd fry it too cuz it turns out so gooood

Hi shorty, it's your birthday, oh wait, it's not your birthday, or your party, so don't cry if you don't want to, wait what is this, who is that, you may ask now, how do I work this

Can I apply an -ina suffix as a quick oulipo hack for my talking-form's out-of-touch boy/girl hangups?

My kids <3 oompah music and want to polka

Warm thoughts to y'all from faux bavaria (fauxvaria)

i follow two or so non-oulipo accounts on oulipo dot social and it is c o n f u s i n g

i should pack for our trip but don't waaaannnnnnaaaaa

I could do a cog sci journal on kids' badly drawn hopscotch boards

why roll crits till you gotta roll crits
two goblins rip your bard into bits
DM got our party to an old crypt
translating glyphs from an unknown script
got wands that shoot out magic lightning
brass hat from an unconscious viking
XP, found a party to my liking
bom bom bi dom bi dum bum bay

you could fight a bad lich
not a human
you could join our party
scour ruins
you coulda split our loot
but you split on our raid
and thats too bad
but gary gygax got paid

I just took a D&D quiz
turns out
I'm a multiclass
half orc
lawful acrobat and druid
yah I got psyonics
i did two lucky rolls
boom boom
bag of holding
for my magical scrolls

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0