Why is it linguistics and not languistics

Looking for a virtual auction for nail clippings, brb

My child scrawls imaginary glyphs, just dodging a catastrophic form

phooky boosts

Sick phooky + sick kids all month = nanolipo fail. Sorry, @ojahnn , i'll try again in 2019!

6mo was up whining all night. no good naps today. tonight is going to suck

Back in my Navy days, things got hairy now and again. I fought in Biscuit Bay, you know. Saw horrors you can't, or won't, think of. Luckily Butt Admiral Dumpass' quick thinking got us through. Alas, Dumpass lost an arm and a tooth. Poor Butt Admiral Dumpass

(kids sob, hungry, as dad is typing about bullshit naval facts) a mo, kids

I got lots of ammo for nanavwrimo

All my toots: canon AND cannon

This account is now 100% spooky navy, 24/7

Butt Crab Admirals? *sucks on cigarillo* Look, son, don't trust any old thing a drunk sailor says

Don't ask about Butt Scrod, that's a cryptonavy rank

I did fail to list a rank

Butt Admiral

A Butt Admiral just outranks a non butt admiral

Chicago Naval Journal: Ultraadmiral Skup awards Sailor First Class Bing Codswallop a Brown Star for shitty conduct

(scrods, sub-scrods, and assistant scrods fall into "naval boys without commision" and thus don't warrant inclusion in our navy's rank list)

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