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*** Kid Fashion Column ***
Hip this Spring: putting automatic piano on "play" and running away

Kid Fashion Flash!
Out: slinky
In: ticklish foot
Always good: "potato sack"

"socks" is an old Dutch corruption of "foot sacks"

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if you don't
want my

you don't
justify my

had a bit of fish, avocado, and tortillas around, so it was Taco Taturday at our joint last night.

slumbing, dozing, abraham lincoln
upon a sofa, blurry vision

linking bronx, manhattan, and brooklyn-- and its own span!-- it's that famous triboroboros br.

baby slumbs. his mom hacks. it's spookily calm right now.

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kid got a crust of loaf as a snack and now its as if i'm a Chas Dick'ns char

finally got to fix my avatar photo. sorry for that longstanding void, folks.

can do anything an arachnid can
spins silk traps, big or small,
catching criminals short or tall
look out!
incoming arachnid man

ultra strong? dig this, bud:
alpha radiation in his blood
swinging now from a strand
look right up, you who stand
hip wow
that's an arachnid man

good thing about cooking fish: baby digs fish, yum
bad thing about cooking fish: baby now stinks of fish

today, in auctions i should not bid on, but subconsciously wish i would: this old IBM CGA color monitor

That guy who was his own sibling: that ourobrous

found a party with much skill to fix my fiddly forms. yay!

Satisfying fast clip of minor MDT-9100 hacking from a bit ago.

a lot of official forms to fill out and I'm bumming out.

phooky boosts

why am i doing this ... looking for approval from my www pals probably