nanowrimo (national notional wristband month)

A local fancy burial parlor is now a "Johnny K" martial arts school for kids and I just can't

I was in cancun for four days and crashing back to a daily grind is hard

Thankfully: oulipo

I want to thank you for putting us back in our snail shack

My WFMU swag is in my hot lol lil hands! Now I just gotta find a CD playing gizmo...

>>> · P · S · Y · C · H · I · C · <<<
<<< · P · A · P · A · Y · A · >>>


· P · S · Y · C · H · I · C ·
· C · I · T · R · U · S ·


Was an old lady who'll swallow a clown
I don't know why that gal'll chow down that clown
And mayhaps will drown

if a pronoun put on pants would it do it this way or that way

I just found a horrid Moby Dick post I did in 2009:
ONLY 90s KIDS WILL so on and so on

My local fruit stand: doing its part in our way against that horrid glyph

on: antonym of off
don: antonym of doff

mind blown

At playground singing "luv shack" a la Johnny Cash

just did a fart on our baby, this is going ok, good job dad

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0