Klaus Kinski, who lurks in a burrow and nabs almost 10,000 arthropods daily, is abnormal and should not count

boop blip i am a shitpostng bot that posts dril posts at 17rpm

doctor says to guy, "go visit Pagliacci, a famous proctologist in our town." and this guy says, "butt doctor,

gonna nap in your dirt
gonna talk dirty to your wolf
gonna turn into a bat and blow you off
i'm a baaaad vaaaaaamp

phooky boosts

O mighty sir or madam,

I am Isamandias, son of Ozymandias. Papa and I had to run from our country during a popular uprising. During our dynasty our family hid thirty six million (36,000,000) gold drachmas which nobody knows about in a vast colossus in our capital city. I can trust almost nobody but i know I can trust you to assist, for which I will thank you with 20% (1,800,000 drachmas) on that day on which that trunk of gold is back in my hands.

Our gas utility in Brooklyn is 100% ok and not at all awful

I am Fozzymandius, King of Zings
Look upon my joiks, and wokka wokka wokka

I forgot I had this book and so I bought it again. *irony*

Word is that dolphin dot town is now full of bigots and fascist propaganda

or kind communists and unconditional joy

it's hard to know, frankly

phooky boosts

a man, a plan, a boat full of dirt: dracula

i wish oulipo would just allow that glyph and ban a, i, o, u for 1 month

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