Awwwww shit my kid just got his first Scholastic book catalog and it's on

What's my tot chomping? (Looks in mouth) oh, it's a big bug, hooray

Sympathy without warning -> succor punch

Gilligan's Island's is back baby. It's good again. Luvvvvvvyyyyy (thurston Howl)

Now That's What I Call Horrifying Trivia

TIL that "Now That's What I Call Music #1" hit shops back in 1983

Oulipo, Oulipo, a magical fruit
If you log in, you gonna toot

It's Holaboros, a looping Spanish hoop lizard who says hi again and again

my plans (hands) kid whining at 1am

my giving a shit if I'm doing this right

Coming soon: Vox post about "son guys"

I'm back! Until a kid bonks a noggin or wants food or to play, so I'm back for about .05 hours

🎵 Only shooting forward cracks tarot

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0