Toot with a pin

doctor: and what do you do if you grow sad
I: toot on oulipo dot social
doctor: no

A toot about my old Star Wars dolls on my primary mastodon account got about as much "so actually" as you'd think

I'm back baby awooo (in two hours: oops forgot oulipo again)

This is a thing I had to actually say to my in-laws this morning

"knock knock"
"who is it?"
"mortality who?"
*not a word, just wind whistling past your door*

But it's all right, I'm jumpin' Phil Glass
It's a gas glass gas

My young child is talking about his plan to poop in my brolly, which I will only find out about during a rainstorm

Art and crypto worlds in a tizzy about this Non Fungal Toking stuff

phooky boosts

us (nyc) pol 

hi nyc oulipals, anybody thinking of voting in our mayoral primary to pick how to say adiós to bill d. blasio?

you must put your info down as 'D Party'. and, if your info is down as any non-D party (or no party at all) you only can modify your party info until 02/14.

this sucks! i am not a fan! but, still, you should think about doing this, as in nyc, primary voting is usually our most important kind of voting.

go to to do this modification if you want.

cargo by guys at work? no, car go by road. biz as usual by guys at work

cargo pants? no, car go vroom. doggy pants

cargo hatch? no, car go out of factory. chick go hatch

Cargo cult?

Car no do that. Car go church

phooky boosts

food(?), monarchy 

@digitalthan @ranjit @phooky
Arthur: I am Arthur, King of Baking!
Lady: King of what?
A: King of Baking!
L: What's baking?
A: All of us! All of us do baking, and I am your King.
L: I didn't know about any King. I thought anybody could do baking, autonomously.

I now know as many folks who got a vaccination as had coronavirus!

kid: knock knock
i: who is it
kid: social norm violating cow
i: social norm violati--
kid: MOOOO

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