Oulipo won't allow toot-backs at Oulipo Localization Bot, which is ultra annoying

@phooky It's my fault. I put its string-for-fixing (which is invalid) in its CW spot, so that additional, boring data could stay out of sight in its actual post body. Mastodon wants to hold onto that CW (which is always invalid) so you gotta drop it to toot back.

I'm not happy with this difficulty, but I'm also not a fan of any variations I can think of:
• No CW. Put boring data in post body, too. (So boring! and ugly!)
• No CW. Don't put boring data in at all. (Ask @rjl20 if that's okay?)

@phooky It's also occasionally good to look at that boring data to clarify what a string is for. That's also good grounds for not totally dropping it, I think.

@phooky I'm going to trial that first option and find out what I think about it.

@tallbox @phooky Huh. I can't think of a ++good way to fix that. It's kinda hard to fix a string without that boring data, although possibly not insurmountably so.

@tallbox @phooky You can omit all first trios of glyphs (up to and including a first slash) in that boring data, though -- it won't vary from string to string.

@tallbox (Oh, and translations.tsv is in sync with our instantiation again. I'll go through and pick up translations for strings which stuck around through upgrading soon.)

@rjl20 Thanks, I put in a copy of today's data. As always, if it has modifications, just say so and I'll pull it in again.

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