I put all my savings into human blood and now it's finally paying off

@phooky that's funny, I was about to go donating human blood

@phooky @ojahnn ohh but just try imagining jumping off that diving board

@ranjit @phooky what kind of scary-ass pool is that if it's full of human blood? wtf phooky

@ojahnn @phooky and you got draculas knocking on your door and bumping against your windows all night

@ranjit @ojahnn it's a bullwark against falling stocks, but not vampiric visitors

Brb putting additional funds into agua santa and garlic

@ranjit @ojahnn now my joint is full of draculas and just stinks awfully

@phooky @ojahnn hmm did you try putting sticky traps around your blood pool so draculas will stick and you can -

oh wait, draculas can fly, hmm hmm

@ranjit @phooky @ojahnn
Hm, but by this logic sticky fly traps also should not work, a fly can fly too... confusing!

@youzicha @phooky @ojahnn Works on a fly but not on a mosquito, which is a fly-dracula. Why is this? I can not say but it is fact.

@ranjit @youzicha @phooky @ojahnn this is a #1 curs'd toot in a long curs'd chain of toots

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