Duran Duran's smash hit, "Rio", is looping through my psychic hi-fi right now. If I could broadcast my brain's vibrations via radio, that's what's blaring

@phooky it is said that you can't go around licking things right now, but i'd say go find a yummy looking radio pylon

@joshly @phooky it's just as stupid today as in a world without covid-19, so okay go for it

@mlc @phooky angrily calling CDC and FCC to a room in Crown Marriott to sort this all out

@mlc @joshly you unsay what you just said! Duran Duran isn't stupid! *sob*

@phooky @joshly if you wanna start saying that licking 5g broadcast doodads "isn't stupid", um, okay, i don't want to start arguing about it.

@mlc @joshly I think AM/FM transmission was in discussion, not 5g. But anyway I'm not going to lick anything that's burning, I'm no dummy

@phooky @joshly back again at local radio transmission ground. all day long folks ask to lick it. but, buddy, it's all good, i'm not paid, so i'm not gonna go within 2m of you just to stop you.

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