Warm thoughts to y'all from faux bavaria (fauxvaria)

I could do a cog sci journal on kids' badly drawn hopscotch boards

Actual Valid Oulipo Toot: bits from GP's journals whilst composing his 'Manual', with amazing transcription. Finally own a copy of this book!

Awwwww shit my kid just got his first Scholastic book catalog and it's on

What's my tot chomping? (Looks in mouth) oh, it's a big bug, hooray

My tarot app has this innocuous formation as an option

So a thing about moving is that prior occupants' junk mail still shows up and I just found this catalog in our mailbox and uh



Our gas utility in Brooklyn is 100% ok and not at all awful

I forgot I had this book and so I bought it again. *irony*

How can you not dig this wasp-ass-spray municipal fountain

Just look at it

Stay cool with this wasp's amazing hydro-butt

My WFMU swag is in my hot lol lil hands! Now I just gotta find a CD playing gizmo...

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