A kid vid mixup: it turns out my kids saw six solid hours of "maw patrol", oops

@ojahnn shit: "olympiad"
fit: "ordinary quadannual olympiad"

shitpost, shatpost, shunkpost 

@joshly slowly waking, groggy: gotta wack and tack

@ranjit @datn it's wacky but it ain't 'baccy, if you know what I'm sayin'

phooky boosts


jury's still out on walking and balking, and while folks are cool with barking they're scratching their heads about warking

@digitalthan [stroking facial hair] hi, I am Omar Sharif of Garbanzo

phooky boosts

a child 🤝 a ruckus
oulipians raising

out: waking and baking
in: wanking and banking

punch līn 

Sam, a snail, got rich and bought a fancy car. Sam asks car guys to paint a big S on his car. Why? So if you look out your window and spy Sam driving by, you will shout 

all our local dumpling joints shut down :_(

morning, you good folk. not much opportunity for oulipo nowadays, as i'm running lil kid camp 24/7 now. my 3yo just wants to go out for lunch :(

@kit i'm in for this support group. kit, if you gotta call som-GBRRRMMMBRRbrrrbrrbrbrbrrrrbrrrBRRMMmmmrrrrbrrrbrrrrRRrrrrrrr sorry what no that was my cat

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