nanowrimo (national notional wristband month)

A local fancy burial parlor is now a "Johnny K" martial arts school for kids and I just can't

I was in cancun for four days and crashing back to a daily grind is hard

Thankfully: oulipo

@ranjit "a woman's introduction to important man things. by: a man"

it's a classic


I want to thank you for putting us back in our snail shack

My WFMU swag is in my hot lol lil hands! Now I just gotta find a CD playing gizmo...

@ranjit glad I didn't huff all that swamp gas Friday night. Although now that I think of it, I am a bit sticky and crocodilian this morning

@kit poor animals turn in to rich animals thanks to blockchain's amazing cash making magic

@kit cryptozoology is a branch of biology that puts various phyla on a blockchain

@jamspank @kit although I am not a tomato I still got body horror

@joshly @kit I'm working on my non-fiction hit "Big Rich of Nations". My hand, having invisibly writ, zooms on, and so on

@joshly @kit @quaad @ranjit no kidding; dam loft was found structurally unsound by city, gotta adjust it prior to DoB visit

@quaad good call. what's that saying? right: "no balcony, no falconry"

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