A toot about my old Star Wars dolls on my primary mastodon account got about as much "so actually" as you'd think

I'm back baby awooo (in two hours: oops forgot oulipo again)

@joshly i also got this baf whal, and i dunno what "it" is, but ours was born without it

it was all "hi your h2o is bloop blorp" from day 1

This is a thing I had to actually say to my in-laws this morning

"knock knock"
"who is it?"
"mortality who?"
*not a word, just wind whistling past your door*

@ranjit @nv why not? paddington's just a bar. i'll say it: bar, bar, bar bar bar. paddington bar.

But it's all right, I'm jumpin' Phil Glass
It's a gas glass gas

My young child is talking about his plan to poop in my brolly, which I will only find out about during a rainstorm

@kit dying sun grows, swallowing husk of a world hosting 1 mastodon instantiation, only broadcasting chainsaw buy prohibitions into an uncaring void

Art and crypto worlds in a tizzy about this Non Fungal Toking stuff

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