@ranjit @starlit @a_day_in_dublin bloom is dracula

that JJ book is Vol. 2 of dracula

so obvs now

@ranjit @starlit @a_day_in_dublin this is now canon

plump buck mulligan is just too full of blood for dracula to pass up

@starlit @joshly (joins toot convo, draws gun, squints at starlit, squints at joshly, squints at starlit again, music grows loud)

@dracula not an actual blood drinking wraith; just high on Satan's marijuana

@mlc @ranjit castl walls not built to ward danish folks out, but to trap danish folk *in*

@mlc @ranjit if you talk using that unknown 27th glyph, you drink as much as you want and nobody asks you to pay

also, you can only drink blood and can't find a way out

@annika a trivial victory, but your final boss is thad macrotoast, a lithuanian con artist and muscular christian

@fifty_shads trying to stop this book from coming into this world by making it awful, but still my publishing firm insists that our contract is valid

@ranjit @mlc Pacific Standard was our standard bar for having an "I quit!" party back at mbot

@ranjit @mlc is Union Hall still good? Also Punchdrunk runs a bar which is fun

Narc-issus calls cops to his digs again and again, can't stop looking at his own mug shot

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