@ranjit ~look forward to my Varna tourist map in an upcoming F. Cramp~

@ranjit my family is taking a trip to Varna this autumn! I look forward to visiting its unfamiliar sights, trying unknown foods, and drinking its untold spirits. I'll bring back hazy photographs for you all!

@dracula vampirism void if prohibitions apply. look up your local laws for additional information.

@quaad @ojahnn and it's a chard
and it's a chard
and it's a chard
and it's a chard
it's a chaaaarrrd rain's gonna mold

@sculpin @ranjit @ngnr also Lizzo did bits for Brad N's Sclorpio show that bang

(This was my first Lizzo)

@kit i'm also just a donut, standing in front of a donut, asking it to donut

@joshly oh that's tot holddown installation instructions no doubt

@starlit @tallbox old-school glorb is cool and all but today's glorb is so good

@ojahnn [cautiously noping around this situation]

@ranjit @kit bring a blooming onion to that outback in 2003

@kit how about this zirconium wakizashi that can chop a 1957 Volkswagon Microbus in twain

@mus bring fairy lights, lightning bugs, and luminous spirits to oulipo, too

i am going to giant psychic pillars of quartz camp, will mail you all psychic postcards

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