what's got lost in all this is that a guy thinks that a kid actually wants a can of limas. no, kids actually want a giant can of ravioli, fuck your dumb fart food

I wish oulipo was main, but I ain't got 'nuff hours in my day for that. Sorry for all my shittooting.

This annum I plan to lazily toot on oulipo at random, as always.

@ranjit lungs! It is so odd to watch a snail suck in air.

2021 skills: knowing which kid's poop is which by sight. Handy!

@joshly hi to disturbing half-human hybrid of Dog-Man books

look at this cat 

@tripofmice cat doing cat tasks in a cat way

@tripofmice [Tim Gunn slaps participant] this is corduroy damn you

@joshly 15yr is a tiny baby by vampyr counting

Why would you watch a show about killing vampyr infants :( :( :(

Singing "I Put a Nappy on You" to a small child a la Yowlin' Jay Hawkins

Words on that old kingdom tomb's door: Sic transit gloria mummy

@ranjit child no. two will oft grab my hand and drag my lazy bod off our sofa

no. two is frickin strong

@joshly no, no

🎶night grilling
only on hush hush nights🎶

Didn't nod off last night and now I'm just a stumbling sack of shit today

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