[to folksy J. Taylor riff] and I'm watching Mortal Kombat in my mind

@joshly (in my mind, I'm watching this in IMAX right now)

@ranjit got to found today's Young Locofoco Party

phooky boosts

@joshly can you pick up that rail for us? also a log, a bit of dirt if you can. our pantry was full of dirt in March but now it's running low

plasing dish drying rack 

@quaad @tripofmice just two additional such drying racks to qualify your dishrag for canonization

@fifty_shads blood-poundizing apparatus. my galls bladding, i

@joshly I just got our 2yo to do an A+ potty piss not half an hour ago and I am so proud

i am a big grown up with good smart thoughts about poops

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Although my innards may grow hot
And I long to stop and squat
I hold to do so fatal sin
So I hold fast and hold it in

Pay no mind to what my doctors say,
I shall not do a shit today

"i will blow tonight fixing a solitary switch on my typing-board for fun" said nobody in history

Don't gaf about our human condition, I'm hungry and wanna discuss our hunan condition

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