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@joshly I miss tiny tots; so snuggly and cuddly. Also tot poop don't stink as bad

@ranjit nay, ask not for whom that onion rings;
it rings for NOM NOM NOM

@quaad @tripofmice or, as my doctor oft says, do no ham

my doctor is a hog

@joshly @starlit strap a shop vac to that kid's crotch. "If you gotta do a potty, just flip this switch." Nbd

BRB, going back to vocational school to train to haul giant samovars around on my back, accost random folks with cups of lapsang souchong

Kids, as usual, watching Octonauts prior to din-din. Y'all, Octonauts is so good

phooky boosts


@ranjit @digitalthan @joshly @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a Worfologist. A torphologist is paid to study sturdy wood constructions for lashing ships to

i miss oulipo but that's nobody's fault but [points to own noggin]

[to folksy J. Taylor riff] and I'm watching Mortal Kombat in my mind

@joshly (in my mind, I'm watching this in IMAX right now)

phooky boosts

@joshly can you pick up that rail for us? also a log, a bit of dirt if you can. our pantry was full of dirt in March but now it's running low

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