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Writing with only two vowls-- i & o

not so slow

oh no-- it's

Josiah and his Pussycats, a hot Amish band with pious mouths and sinful hips

Clumsy Chuck lost a limb to a rusty cutting tool mishap but you know that old saw

1) haunt a spooky grotto
2) locals run off in fright
3) ???
4) profit
5) ???????
6) ???????
7) dang kids pull off mask
8) go to jail, cursing dog
9) cursing works, bad spirits afflict dog
10) ???????????
11) ruh roh

A giant church, now a flaming ruin. An occasional Paris haunt. Thinking of many hours in that small park just by, picnics on a quay. What will stand on that plot to worry my kids on a distant day?

I just put a Casio digital watch on my kid's wrist and told his "This is so in fashion nowadays" without laughing at all

Top dad

My son is walking in a spiral and saying "daft punk is playing at my houf" again and again and again

14th c. cultists, kids' songs 

dour ram, u mad bro?
y u so mad? muy soda?

^-- what is this sort of thing known as?

apropos Albany, ours;
a proposal: ban yours

you a fool, dorp out of school
*doing sk8t tricks*
play pac man and try marjawanna
*grinds on your car's roof rack*

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0