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phooky boosts

a black ribbon in kinks and curls as it wound its way. Straight in front of us and not far off--in fact, so

Horny dracula toots killing my political aspirations

ground ground run aground i run aground
i run agrouuuund
from town to town
i'm a cool ship's cap
but can't sail for crap

if psychic communication was actual, it would show up on your AT&T bill by now

Browsing "oblivious conjunctions" posts on astrology craigslist to find out if that palmist was flirting or what

it's raining, it's pouring, my kid is stir crazy and not snoring

baby is crying in crib. why? shrug. thanks, baby, for this good dad mood. sorry, did my sarcasm drip on you

[bows in front of rough manikin of iron and wood, with a flaming skull] ALL HAIL OUR DIY DRIL

[singing] gonna join hands and throw dril off a cliff
gonna turn into our own dril
dril is kaput, all hail our own DIY dril
dril was in our bosom all along

slamming my dong in a door again and again, shouting "is this a dril post"

nanowrimo (national notional wristband month)

A local fancy burial parlor is now a "Johnny K" martial arts school for kids and I just can't

I was in cancun for four days and crashing back to a daily grind is hard

Thankfully: oulipo

I want to thank you for putting us back in our snail shack

My WFMU swag is in my hot lol lil hands! Now I just gotta find a CD playing gizmo...

>>> · P · S · Y · C · H · I · C · <<<
<<< · P · A · P · A · Y · A · >>>


· P · S · Y · C · H · I · C ·
· C · I · T · R · U · S ·


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