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TIL no cool crab facts, just boring crab history and dumb crab info

i wanna nap but it's our nupital's 5th birthday today so i wanna stay up and party too

phooky boosts

This 9 min youtub film is amazing, it turns out you can crack an ovum into a plastic cup and still grow a chick from it! Highly magical, in my opinion.

Status: googling "cool crab facts" as I slowly slough off my skin

If your shop has Starbucks Frappaccino but not Manhattan Sp. you ain't got my custom

"and if you complain again, you'll find an army of I" *baby farts*

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Introducing my tot to circa 1995 Kid Koala and Björk this morning. Also playing with trains.

That famous witch, BABY YAGA, rocking in a ambulatory tripod crib. Shhhh, softly, for if BABY YAGA stirs, it will doom you all

happy night of horror and anguish, my bloody buds

i just took an LSD trip
turns out
i'm 100%
that fish
swimming through a liquid brainmush
now a parrot lawman's looking out for my chair
ugh ugh
crocus blooming from my wiggling hair

no party no cry
no party no cry
lil darling don't sob so much
no party no cry

phooky boosts

/ look up that immigrant, immigrant, immigrant punk 🎵 @ ranjit omg @phooky kit can hook you up So as it was slightly too... parabolic to sit in our living room!

phooky boosts


Borough Pluralization Chart:
Statins Island

doctor: and what do you do if you grow sad
I: toot on oulipo dot social
doctor: no

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