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If you buy nothing on buy nothing day, buy nothing buys nothing into you

Black Friday bargains on your soul, basic humanity; don't miss this opportunity

As distinct from Thanky Habsgiving, which was last a thing in 1780

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I just got a catalog now
Turns out
It's 100%
Cold ham

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Thanks to prior inhabitants of our digs, I just got a ham catalog. It's a catalog of ham. Ham ham ham ham ham. Do you want ham? Look at this ham catalog.

Ham catalog.

[slaps roof of cybotruck] this bad boy can fit so much angular brutalism in it

Who's up for a bit of blad running tonight in honor of blads having run on this day in 1982

Cool crab FACT: Dr. Claw is not an actual doctor nor an actual crab but has many crab pals and his cousin is going to marry a crab so don't call Dr. Claw an anti-crabbist

Cool crab FACT: A king crab runs a kingdom with two vassals: jack and shit

Cool crab FACT: crabs molt to ditch awkward situations

Cool crab FACT: crabs don't chow on potato on moral grounds

But if a 'tato tot could talk it might say, "don't chow on tots! Chomp on a 'tato your own mass!"

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Anton Vowl on Pat Sajak's show, quaking in growing horror as Vanna prowls back and forth, trying to finish his task, and failing: "Popular TV Star", all consonants showing,
P _ T _ R D I N K L A G _

TIL no cool crab facts, just boring crab history and dumb crab info

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