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You know what's a fun word? Spatchcock. Spatchcock is a fun word

My 3yo's autobiography: "Loud and a Lil Stinky"

How is it that Santa can drop off gifts in a flat with no chim-chim? So, kids, turns out Santa can turn into a bat, or a mist, so as long as you ask him in, Santa can go hog wild in your digs

Not a funny way of saying things; this kid actually has two ham catalogs from a ham company.

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tfw your 3yo jumps up and says "I'M GONNA GRAB MY HAM CATALOGS"

Narc-issus calls cops to his digs again and again, can't stop looking at his own mug shot


Buy nuttin' day, all porn half off

If you buy nothing on buy nothing day, buy nothing buys nothing into you

Black Friday bargains on your soul, basic humanity; don't miss this opportunity

As distinct from Thanky Habsgiving, which was last a thing in 1780

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I just got a catalog now
Turns out
It's 100%
Cold ham

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Thanks to prior inhabitants of our digs, I just got a ham catalog. It's a catalog of ham. Ham ham ham ham ham. Do you want ham? Look at this ham catalog.

Ham catalog.

[slaps roof of cybotruck] this bad boy can fit so much angular brutalism in it

Who's up for a bit of blad running tonight in honor of blads having run on this day in 1982

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