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shitpost, shatpost, shunkpost 

phooky boosts


jury's still out on walking and balking, and while folks are cool with barking they're scratching their heads about warking

phooky boosts

a child 🤝 a ruckus
oulipians raising

out: waking and baking
in: wanking and banking

all our local dumpling joints shut down :_(

morning, you good folk. not much opportunity for oulipo nowadays, as i'm running lil kid camp 24/7 now. my 3yo just wants to go out for lunch :(

Show off your honking horn sounds with our horn sound sharing startup, "SoundClown".

gallows humor? No, it's too classy! That's guillotin humor

Today as usual acting as a guard at a virology facility. To visitors asking if you can fuck coronavirus in isolation: buddy,,

won't do as much shitposting as i want to, but do i want to? SI I DO

Putting an additional proxy twixt my PC and my IRC chat room

during this crisis, plz only log at only 1200 baud, 7 bit, odd parity, 1 stop bit

no run on shaving foam so far, i'm ok folks

I put all my savings into human blood and now it's finally paying off

Handwashing shitpost 

[say whilst washing]

this is just to say
i did wash
my hands
which i shook
with yours

and which
got coronavirus
all around

pardon moi
i gotta go
good luck
don't croak

Trying to show a kid how to distinguish a bus from a truck. It's tricky!

Unfollowing oulibots so I can focus on oulipals

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