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i was missing y'all! im gonna do a bit of oulipo shitposting again soon.

I don't want to go out / I want to stay in
-David B.

I'm talking to administration officials about tax cuts for giant ass corporations

That's right

I'm a lobbyist for Big Booty

It's about a small, curious half robot who fucks up a lot

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It's that famous sci-fi kids book, Curious Borg

Duran Duran's smash hit, "Rio", is looping through my psychic hi-fi right now. If I could broadcast my brain's vibrations via radio, that's what's blaring

Ruining a kids book 

That Dr. S book is actually about Sam-I-Am convincing this guy to chow down on his cock and balls

I wish I didn't know this but I can't push it out of my mind now

An Assassination of Julius C. by Tiny Hands (2020)
craft sticks and Play-Doh
On loan from artist

Bard Bro 1: Your Arthurian mythology is for shit
Bard Bro 2: *plays*
Bard Bro 1: Ok you know "Lady of Shallot" but what about "Maid of Onion"

phooky boosts

"Non unu pati potui pati, latant, non audit,
Atquit anila non audit a vota panta,
Non potui putat in audit anibunquaquaquaquaqulit,
Quantul alii vincant ad auditu;"

i am a bit sad that i am not a 16y.o. goth at this point in history

You: baking a loaf or two, growing your own broccoli and organic ramps
Us: hair wild, rolling in dung to mask our odors, looking up laws vis a vis trapping cats and birds for food

Writing programs in COBOL == oulipo for programming

A plant grows in its own coffin. A glum thought, but it is so.

A kid vid mixup: it turns out my kids saw six solid hours of "maw patrol", oops

shitpost, shatpost, shunkpost 

i got nothing, my brain is basically shut down anyway

phooky boosts


jury's still out on walking and balking, and while folks are cool with barking they're scratching their heads about warking

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