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Don't gaf about our human condition, I'm hungry and wanna discuss our hunan condition

Oh, oulipo. I blow so many hours in VR now that oulipo dot social isn't on my radar atm. I'm sorry!

I ask only for puzzling locations, for cryptic public statuary, a disjoint and unknown cartography. On occasion I wish to unfind my way. To turn up in a Gashlycrumb Tiny's backdrop.

Too busy with kids to shitpost. No kidding.

phooky boosts

i was missing y'all! im gonna do a bit of oulipo shitposting again soon.

I don't want to go out / I want to stay in
-David B.

I'm talking to administration officials about tax cuts for giant ass corporations

That's right

I'm a lobbyist for Big Booty

It's about a small, curious half robot who fucks up a lot

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It's that famous sci-fi kids book, Curious Borg

Duran Duran's smash hit, "Rio", is looping through my psychic hi-fi right now. If I could broadcast my brain's vibrations via radio, that's what's blaring

Ruining a kids book 

That Dr. S book is actually about Sam-I-Am convincing this guy to chow down on his cock and balls

I wish I didn't know this but I can't push it out of my mind now

An Assassination of Julius C. by Tiny Hands (2020)
craft sticks and Play-Doh
On loan from artist

Bard Bro 1: Your Arthurian mythology is for shit
Bard Bro 2: *plays*
Bard Bro 1: Ok you know "Lady of Shallot" but what about "Maid of Onion"

phooky boosts

"Non unu pati potui pati, latant, non audit,
Atquit anila non audit a vota panta,
Non potui putat in audit anibunquaquaquaquaqulit,
Quantul alii vincant ad auditu;"

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