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Was an old lady who'll swallow a clown
I don't know why that gal'll chow down that clown
And mayhaps will drown

if a pronoun put on pants would it do it this way or that way

I just found a horrid Moby Dick post I did in 2009:
ONLY 90s KIDS WILL so on and so on

My local fruit stand: doing its part in our way against that horrid glyph

on: antonym of off
don: antonym of doff

mind blown

At playground singing "luv shack" a la Johnny Cash

just did a fart on our baby, this is going ok, good job dad

kids both sick. nanny out sick. SO out of town. today is going to suck so much.

and his shadow is trying to chomp on him-- an actual ouroborumbrus!

My tiny guy is trying to chow on his own shadow. It's an autoumbraphagic baby!

hunting that wumpus, in dark pits. i sniff... a wumpus!

a big kid-- 7yo at a minimum-- was shoving my 2yo at our local playground and i just did a flip-out on that guy

you don't fuck with my kid, yo

my kid is doing that thing: rousing, moving 8" towards door, snoozing again

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0