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phooky boosts

😱 @ ranjit @phooky Robots waging tiny wars in my own opinion, though.

Dr. Oxiris Barbot: not a Bond villain, right? (Knocks on wood)

Sunday morning crayon doodling with my kids got spooooooky

I got an alt account for dad stuff: @phooky
Kind of disappointing that it's for "dads" and not just "kid handling"

Kids: stuck indoors. "Stinky & Dirty Show" saving my bacon

Big boy jobs:
* Mayor
* Hall monitor
that's it

I'm so sick

H is out of town

Kids: ultra grumpy

Scouring a giant landmass and killing millions in a bid to find a CITY OF GRAVY


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Running aground in my gravy boat, finding brazil, and turning into a


Ringing in this annum by having a giant potato for din-din

Annum novum starts right with kids splashing in a bath!

Got up prior to kids. What day is this

So many bots

No human toots


I am digging "unpopular dracula in high school"

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