Anybody caught this from Unusual Al Yankovic?
A surprisingly high proportion of Oulipo-compliant lyrics.

Four Two Two

I got a 422
But what can I do?
I switch symbols around
But I still run aground
I think of a word
But it’s just as absurd
No I still ain’t through
With this 422

I go to hit "Toot!"
But it’s still lacking fruit
I shift to Spanish
But it still won’t vanish
How stupid was I
To think that would fly?
Ain’t got no IQ
To fix this 422

I try Français
But my laptop says nay
Might smash my PC
And buy a 2CV
It’s not just I
And it’s not just you
All this damn world
Has got a 422

Typical discussion in MMXXX:
"I had a fantastic holiday that took up all of August. Saw Paris and Lisbon and Roma and Praha and Budap..."
"But, but, what I want to know is did you visit Timișoara?"
"No I didn't, I'm afraid."
"WHAT?!?! You crazy or just stupid? How did you not go to Timișoara?!"

Not long until humans from all around will flock to this city. It will sit atop all "x locations you must visit prior to popping your clogs" lists.

I'm also happy that I'm living in a city that, in my opinion, is as cool as fuck. 🇷🇴

Good day of instruction today. Couldn't think of going back to any of my last handful of jobs. Just so much floccinaucinihilipilification. No thanks.

Oulipo pangram two, with just XXXII symbols (and using a participant of this community):

Big lavish crowd to quiz foxy jamspank!

plutoman boosts
plutoman boosts

you can jig if you want to
you can abandon all your pals
cuz your pals don't jig
and if yours don't jig
uh your pals ain't my pals

plutoman boosts

Oulipofying songs is cool and all, but I'm totally at a loss with this big hit from my youth:

plutoman boosts

A uni-L lama, that guy's holy
A bi-L llama, that thing's woolly
And I will hazard my silk pajama
You won't find a tri-L lllama

My oulipo pangram:

Microwaving flapjacks in a handy quartz box.

That's XXXVII symbols which I don't think is too bad, but can anybody approach XXV?

Is dot antisocial a valid domain thingy? Wouldn't mind having it.

plutoman boosts

Higgaldy piggaldy
So many visitors
Coming to Rossworld to
Lust for a flag
Asking if I would just
Turn off its touch alarm
Pal, nobody pulls it
Out for a shag

Wow, I normally want no part of that virtual social crap but this community is surprisingly pointful. And fun! I think I'll stick around. Big congratulations to admin for starting it up. Good night all!

Chai in Romania is fruity infusions and all that gubbins. Normal bloody chai as I know it is almost impossibly hard to obtain. (but it's kinda pinkish actually)

I'm facing humiliation against my cousin at Palabras con Amigos. (Is it OK to avoid taboo symbols in that fashion?) What can I do with DRHAGGY?

About to pour a cuppa char. Just thought I'd submit an additional variation on .

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