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@nv No Tim Hortons in Timișoara now but it will probably show up at a forthcoming point. And possibly in Timbuktu and Timaru too. Nor is Dunkin Donuts a thing in Romania. But a *bag* of bog-standard chai is also akin to gold dust in this vicinity.

plutoman boosts

Higgaldy piggaldy
So many visitors
Coming to Rossworld to
Lust for a flag
Asking if I would just
Turn off its touch alarm
Pal, nobody pulls it
Out for a shag

Wow, I normally want no part of that virtual social crap but this community is surprisingly pointful. And fun! I think I'll stick around. Big congratulations to admin for starting it up. Good night all!

Chai in Romania is fruity infusions and all that gubbins. Normal bloody chai as I know it is almost impossibly hard to obtain. (but it's kinda pinkish actually)

I'm facing humiliation against my cousin at Palabras con Amigos. (Is it OK to avoid taboo symbols in that fashion?) What can I do with DRHAGGY?

About to pour a cuppa char. Just thought I'd submit an additional variation on .

Jumping on that bandwagon:

What you want
Baby, I got it
What you must own
Do you know I got it?
All I'm askin'
Is for a bit of dignity...

Find out why it's significant for I...

Oulipo paradox:
Long words carry a high probability of containing a taboo symbol in comparison to short words, so why do Oulipo-compliant toots virtually always contain words such as viticultural and salubrious?
(Not a complaint in any way, just simply a thought.)

@starlit Thanks for that. And thank god for amazing admin who know how to squash virtual bugs.

Community activity on oulipo lacks updation. Is this particular to my account, is it a bug, or what?

Got a two-hour instruction this PM with a 108-month-old boy who will want to talk about Hulk and Iron Man and Batman and, uh, Aquaman and additional famous -man individuals, for both hours non-stop. But that's OK.

Hi all, from Timisoara in Romania. A city and country without that fifth symbol - that's lucky. Should I lackadaisically put that fifth glyph into a toot, what will occur? Thank you kindly. (Mark II)

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