rhyming, food, carnivorous 

That rhyming is factual: on a holiday in Tasmania, I found lots of food shops with wallaby pastry tart, and I couldn't stomach it, though scallop tarts I was OK with.

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rhyming, food, carnivorous 

I'd had goat, I'd had rabbit and duck, I'd had quails,
I'd had clams, I'd had squid, I'd had fungus and snails.
Oh, so many odd foods I was willing to try,
But I couldn't do wallaby! No, not I!

I thought I'd try it all—from a cook whom I trust—
But wallaby chunks, in a rich flaky crust?
I'm a fairly omnivorous kind of a guy,
But I couldn't do wallaby! No, not I!

All I want to do is bang out a rhythm for my dancing grizzly on this old cauldron without goddamn stars crying on us, is that too much to ask

Hi to incoming folks, looking forward to your posts

Australian politics 

Voting out a worn-out, right-wing administration with a bullying addiction: good stuff imho

Work, dork stuff 

Program status: purring away happily in box
Programming guy status: TGIF

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Work, dork stuff, profanity 

Program: I don’t wanna go in a box!
I: But it’s a good box. Comfy, and tidy. C’mon, hop in!
Program: waaaaaahahaha
I: *grits tooth, manfully puts program in box*
Program: imma fuck you up

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Work, dork stuff 

Old saying: managing programming folks is similar to corralling cats. But also programs display this quality.

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Work, dork stuff 

My work this fortnight: putting an old program for linguists to work with corpora into a box - a dorky abstraction for "now this computational apparatus acts as if it's actually that kind of computational apparatus, or in a cloud, or what-you-will"

Good for upgrading without a lot of risk, and that sort of thing.

Anyway I am liking it! Probably not a good book for my angry young man days, though it brings thoughts of old passions back to mind. Kind of glad that I’m old now.

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Julio Cortázar’s Hopscotch: misogynist, or just macho?

It’s a bit of both, I think.

v mildly bawdy 

I laid Ilion low with a trick:
Now I’m waiting for you with a stick.
With my wax I put surds
Against big-tiddy birds.
Who am I? I’m Nobody. Think quick!


I sing of that scion of Troy
Whom Juno was wont to annoy:
Watch him carry his dad,
Cockblock Dido— too sad!—
And put up Roman walls: attaboy!

TV show about outfitting Scottish gals with suits of armor:

Cuirass for a Straight Lass

For Masto arrivals 

Choosing a Masto locus is no biggy if avoiding a particular glyph is your goal

a. king's animals
b. animals in jars
c. animals you can hang out with
d. suckling pigs
f. stray dogs
g. animals in this classification
h. shaky animals (possibly mad)
i. animals too small to count
j. animals of paint & tiny brushwork
k. &c
l. animals who just put into sharp bits my fancy bloom-display urn
m. animals who, from afar, look bug-ish

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