(I am still not down with IT-sociability but I couldn't not post this Oulipian cousin from C14th who built an absurd Latin string to parody how hard parsing Gothic script is if it's all m, n, i and u) (non-compliant link oulipo.link/V0TZL8)

Having a hiatus from social communications for about a fortnight, just so my mood stays OK. Stay good, oulipals.

Fungi bubbling away in a tank downstairs. Go fungi go!

Broad as argo and sorrow, and so do now broop, and was no soon prosprabll carnal can blass, and a grac or sporn was a concord, and so do now and as so boor and plagps, and so arga's son as a sold assarsa was so possagabllasl.

Good morning, it's kinda cold in Dulwich Hill

a computational graph's gloss of MALODOFORUS 


Giving Fiona A's album a spin and it's good stuff

My kid got first class honours (BA in Drama), and shoulda had a graduation on 14th April, but that’s not on. So, by bf and mum’s tricksy planning, a Zoom lunch with mum was actually a big party with lots of family, a bit of ritual, silly songs and chatting and bubbly and snacks. It was grand.

Still of thy pow'r shall I complain, And thy too partial hand arraign?

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