covid, brain stuff 

Boo to that triangular-glyph strain, lockdown is bad but I'm doing ok

Alas, my last batch of alcoholic soup is toxic, inducing much noggin-pain from only a minimal amount drunk, which is disappointing.

Moon dims in shadow of its primary, it’s spooky but also fun

covid + 

Got my first shot of that Oxonian vaccination


Not stout, although dark as stout: good DIY zymurgy

Not wallaby’s from my suburb but from a zoo off in a distant suburb

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It’s bottling day!

I, dry hopping: yumy yum, Goldings aromas
I, four days on, bottling: damn hops plugs blocking my bottling gizmo, what a PITA, yuck

a computational graph's gloss of MARSH MALLOW 

MARSH MALLOW: mildly monks mading madragag machina muscling

"A part of windy my discours' placitip,
And thin diamond is to commit do,
So many famous and sixth subjuss, and havin's for fools."

a neural net defines SHORT STOOL 

SHORT STOOL: smooth dog with thrift bluish-growily woody plumps or strips (usurily or cookiblikis)

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