Long ago, in Oxford, Burton, a scholar of that town, built a vast book out of all that was known about sad and downcast spirits: taking in all that was said of this malady by any art, from astrology to physic to divinity.


A bit of info about my bot @gravidum_cor and its non-compliant sib

good lockdown activity 

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good lockdown activity 

Bob Burton in bot form is now going at @gravidum_cor - an RNN simulating Anatomy of That Sad Brain Malady, with oulipian constraints from my autoroman in '19. Plus a bit of coding to pick out and format BB's stanza's.

That was a part of history in which it was OK to put a lot of songs into a big book for doctors and physicians.

Actually, now that I think of it, that part of history was most of history.

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"A horshy would having no roots may spy honour,
A moth of his own lust, all things artificial.
No man would but right hand,
How much with his own souls did contain'd."

Fascinating that this RNN has got notions of both Latin and Anglic from its matrix-book

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Coaxing an RNN of Burton's Anatomy of M (a classic 17thC work on sad brains and bad moods, or hypochondria) to pump out odd macaronics with constraints

Had a walk and saw a royal spoonbill wading and dabbling in brackish mud. “Royal”, I think, as maintaining such dignity in such an occupation is a sign of nobility.

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goofus bottoms a snail
gallant tops a snail

I’m working from my flat from today but it was good to go for a run this morning

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