Glad to say that I'm back on form running.

a computational graph's gloss of HATCHWORD 

Thinking of an analogy twixt oulipianism and modal jazz



a traditional masto it ain't
though you wouldn't know it from its paint
watch us talk slightly odd
with a wink and a nod
on account of a thrilling constraint

a computational graph's gloss of TANTICAL GURDON 

Also, compliant @GLOSSATORY got a bit of a brain boost: its old graph was only half as big as what it's got now

I think @GLOSSATORY will go back to illustrating non-compliant posts soon.

Music - it's good. Just putting out an opinion.

a computational graph's gloss of CALACINIFORM SUBCLASS 

alcohol, jazz, Friday night 

It's just, again, a Manic Monday (o-whoaoh)

a computational graph's gloss of CHOROTOMAN 

Following his daft brain to its most illogical conclusions: a @prawnwarp story

Show additional (Mark II) is a lipogrammatic Mastodon for all.
Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0