Hazard-control burns in local bushland today so it’s smoky and a rotating-wing aircraft is making a lot of sound!

a computational graph's gloss of THROMBOLYTHO 

THROMBOLYTHO: a structural monarch rush of throat and oft man stars

A corvid, an aqua-falcon: a ruckus in a casuarina

Saw an aqua-falcon what had built its stick-housing atop a sportsground light

This is a good oulipian tool for mapping toponyms using a popular if cryptic formal syntax

(fifth glyph in link and pic)


I spy a wallaby almost all Sundays — my morning run is through bush that day — (and not a particular wallaby, I think, though how could I know?) — but it’s a shy kind of marsupial and hard to photograph.

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covid, brain stuff 

Boo to that triangular-glyph strain, lockdown is bad but I'm doing ok

Alas, my last batch of alcoholic soup is toxic, inducing much noggin-pain from only a minimal amount drunk, which is disappointing.

Moon dims in shadow of its primary, it’s spooky but also fun

covid + 

Got my first shot of that Oxonian vaccination


Not stout, although dark as stout: good DIY zymurgy

Not wallaby’s from my suburb but from a zoo off in a distant suburb

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