Looking forward to a long Paschal holiday. Our national day of military mourning, Anzac Day, falls half a fortnight past Maundy Thursday.

"La Disparition, a lipogrammatic classic, turns 50 today. You probably know who it’s by; if not, you can look it up to find out why I’m unwilling to say who did it." lrb.co.uk/blog/2019/march/a-co?

GC: So, Principal, I did show up promptly… no thanks to your driving instructions.

SS: Ah, District Administrator Gary! Howdy! I pray you look forward to a truly historic lunch!

GC: Uhh…

SS: [gasp] Oh no, my roast is in ruins! But what if… I buy fast food and pass it off as my own cooking? Oh ho ho… how daringly diabolical I am!

Just saw visual confirmation of a vast singularity, hiding within a horizon from which no light can fly, in a distant galaxy, M87. Amazing.

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An oulipian task or artistic habit I took up a month ago: I draw illustrations of what my bot, @GLOSSATORY, outputs. It's an artificial synaptic array which mimics a dictionary, usually in dumb or funny ways. I only post drawings I find amusing, although I'm not much of a cartoonist. Warning: contains that glyph. Its account is at @GLOSSATORY

Also piling up clothing to discard, a la that inspirational lady from Japan, Mary Kondo, who is a bit of an oulipian, now that I think about it. Which glyphs do not spark joy?

Doing a lot of tidying and vacuuming today as it rains and rains outdoors

Holiday locations: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Washington DC, San Francisco

Back at work again at this liquor shop built on top of our family’s catacombs. This “funny” guy always asks if I got any amontillado “waaaay in back”. Fortunato,

K. G., K. P., K. T., P. C., K. C. B., M. P, J. P., M. B., D. S. O., S. O. D., M. F. H., M. R. I. A., B. L., Mus. Doc., P. L. G., F. T. C. D., F. R. U. I., F. R. C. P. I. and F. R. C. S. I.

Happily planning a holiday in NYC in Autumn, that's right, Gotham, Tha Big Fruit, old Nova'boracum

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