This is a good oulipian tool for mapping toponyms using a popular if cryptic formal syntax

(fifth glyph in link and pic)^[^eèéêëēėę]+$/^[^aàáâäãåā]+$/^[^iîï%C3%ADīįì]+$


Not stout, although dark as stout: good DIY zymurgy


It’s bottling day!

I, dry hopping: yumy yum, Goldings aromas
I, four days on, bottling: damn hops plugs blocking my bottling gizmo, what a PITA, yuck

autoportrait, almost looking straight at you 

Autoportrait with kookaburra


Broccolini, prawn and sriracha stir-fry

Thinking about that day I saw a groundhog in Manhattan (it wasn't Groundhog Day though)

Good food tip: roast a bulb with ouzo-flavour, onion and garlic, put in a pot with favas, carrot, onion, tomato and brassica-stalks, and boil it

Saw compliant fauna on my lunch walk: a kookaburra (not a wallaby)

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