This is a good oulipian tool for mapping toponyms using a popular if cryptic formal syntax

(fifth glyph in link and pic)^[^eèéêëēėę]+$/^[^aàáâäãåā]+$/^[^iîï%C3%ADīįì]+$

I spy a wallaby almost all Sundays — my morning run is through bush that day — (and not a particular wallaby, I think, though how could I know?) — but it’s a shy kind of marsupial and hard to photograph.

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@sculpin @ranjit this kind of mammal digs down into soil and plant bits if it is timid. You might find a sort of dark prickly shadow within this bounding box.

a computational graph's gloss of BANTA 

@GLOSSATORY *borat's vocals* My shirt

a computational graph's gloss of SPAR 

@GLOSSATORY whoopsight did it again

covid, brain stuff 

Boo to that triangular-glyph strain, lockdown is bad but I'm doing ok

snarly animal pic 

@ranjit us Australians usually back away in horror from US possums, saying, this is no possum but a sort of hairy swamp rat.

OTOH Australians who grow fancy plants: no fans of our cuddly but florivorous marsupials

@ranjit financial/grift opportunity: I could flog my bad batch to folks nostalgic for 30s Prohibition days.

Psst, bub! Want to know what that rotgut bathtub hooch was all about? Try this stuff!

Alas, my last batch of alcoholic soup is toxic, inducing much noggin-pain from only a minimal amount drunk, which is disappointing.

Moon dims in shadow of its primary, it’s spooky but also fun

covid + 

Got my first shot of that Oxonian vaccination

@annika an orthodox Australian would say Tim Tams but I think that’s a bad national biscuit so I’ll go for Jaffas

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