switching to yurba mahtay for my anti-napping tonic. tomorrow, probably, back to gyokuro

quaad boosts

Duolingo maintains focus on what’s important during this crisis.

In this month of amburbium, walk a circuit of your city for purification

This month is a copout, it quits too soon

Work hummus today, not worth photographing

Ahoy moon childs, sailors on rough liquids, folks of humankind i am quaad

Just a brain in an ambulatory cadavaquarium.

a world of high fashion; looking in a mirror, i know it's what awaits

quaad boosts

Guys, I think our world is warming up.

Got a hoot owl out my window now. For six nights in a row

So thankful for a bright sky, all its colors and gradations of light. On dry ground all is filthy. Folks is filthy too, full of microbial blobs & worms & awful stuff.

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Oulipo.social (Mark II)

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