quaad boosts

Sympathy without warning -> succor punch

Amidst all this talk of cool, cozy, autumn coat days, in struts this li’l orphan hot ‘n’ humid sayin’ y’all, don’t pack your shorts away!

On a F train again, wafting body odors, skinny 17 yr old asking for $. Troubadour strumming acoustic guitar and singing. Long stops at all stations for lots of folks to climb aboard. How many can it hold? Untold millions. Billions.

Sisyphus you gotta push that rock
But ya gonna slip and fall at that hill top
And drop

rains & autumn mist at plattling banhoff this hour

too much pizza and fizzy lifting drink, my 4am stroll around my hood rings out with burps as if mating calls bouncing off brick walls. our dorian floats away, crisp cool air filling its void. clouds in a mad rush skating across black sky

quaad boosts

Many folks scoff at HVAC cosplay but I’m a big fan

Tonight I’m a brain in a bowl. Cast off this carcass full of wants, silly shortcomings & flaws. I am thoughts floating in fluid.

Bots handling most oulipo posts. Thank you bots.

digging in dirt all hot sun day. cold bath cold cuppa t, almost human again.

to-day is not so good. Lucy this morning had
pains, as through parturitions;

walk without rhythm and you won't attract worms

Today: air is soup. World is bowl. I am soggy toast.

tfw your lunch is in your lap, not in your mouth.

A toot told by an idiot. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Conditions on today’s train: not at all stabby.

I talk to that salty Atlantic on occasion.

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