@ojahnn i'm working all day and thinking about my dish mountain, but dish mountain didn't shrink!

@ojahnn if i finish my napping at any point i will submit data for you.

@sculpin day to day, brown stuff's gifts diminish...

@phooky it's a god-awful small affair
-also David B.


@ranjit your brain was rolling that big rock for far too long.

@phooky how do i know you ain't actually a catfishing 16 yr old goth?

duolingo brag + auto-award 

duolingo brag + auto-award 

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Oulipo.social (Mark II)

Mastodon is a "FOSS" social sharing hub. A multi-host substitution for capitalistic platforms, it avoids risking a particular company monopolizing your communication. Pick a host that you trust — you can still talk with all hosts running Mastadon. Any individual can run a Mastodon instantiation and join in this social hub in a jiffy.