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@casey Thanks! I don't know which of 👍 or 👎 is good though :)

@quasihaiku how many flip-flops would i find a snail utilizing at any particular hour?
🐌 🚆 👡

I'm applying for a job that's my fantasy job from long-ago youth all up to now. But i'm living as a dumb starving artist for so long now that it's hard to think of working a normal job, fantastic or not! And to go away from this awful city I'm fond of to a similarly awful city far away...

@ojahnn would you say that your drain is so slow that nightfall brings dripping? :)

@maggiemaggie ahhh! i <3 wfmu - i got it on 20 hours a day!

@phooky 🤧 😷 🤢 hoping you all grow robust soon!

Uh huh, my slash marks in that dogmap show spots for splicing disjoint units of glass tubing. But I'm a tyro pupil at glass warping and don't know if this plan would work good.

@starlit not much about my dog is normal - but that is in fact a map for an Argon-Hg glow lamp, which would put out a lot of UV light.

but this noon i did a talk to a big bunch of music-hacking folks and it was okay!

my hopping saturday night: comparing various albums of B. Brit.'s odd carols on spotify, and noshing on garbanzos.

@kit now a blimp, if you would

@ojahnn :( hoping you unmigrainify soon

That podcast i was blabbing about (and on) is out now! opposablepodcast.com/16

Turns out my dog is way into raw cauliflow. (I am too.)

For nightfood tonight I had a chop-cow sandwich with milk solids (in that Hamburg way). And lots of onion!

@kit don't allow'm to play guitar or haunt an old truck
coach'm as shoggoths and wolfmans and such

I follow so many podcasts! So good for occupying my brain whilst walking my dog. But tomorrow night I'll talk into a mic to go onto a podcast. Whoo! A first!