Trying pronouncing “psthfr” as if rhyming with “christophr”

a dog, doing it wrong 

My dog is snoozing wrong again

my dog is puffing out a wafting of doggy odor

It’s so long with hardly any around this spot

I gotta scootch my chair up to my work spot but I got a difficulty

it's also a possibility that Station Mgr K was lying about it all! Find out in Oct....

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wow, station mgr K at wfmu is gonna do an all oulipo month in oct: during his Wds morning show, K's promising not to say non-compliant words, nor to play songs with non-compliant words in titling or lyrics!

ranjit boosts
ranjit boosts

morning food for a child who is into mongoosy animals 

A tot’s
Sat to

it is COOL out in sun today, not hot nor humid, and I am glad!

This is a dog running in a sun ray.

just got my MRI scan,
turns out i'm
💯% quoggy spot

Last night I did finish a long and popular fiction-book about art and art burglary and luv and drugs and dissolution. I think my nap-hallucinations had a bit of that kind of stuff from that book - but nothing amusingly scandalous.

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