dog pic 

My dog is cuddling his toy banana in his donut

dog pics 

If I’m coming back from out, my dog says hi by writhing

Happy morning cuz I got (uncommonly for my pantry) a danish pastry!

dog pic, looking at you 

i took a pic of my dog using Portrait Modality and it is a stunning nasal portrait

dog pic 

top down look at a dog chomping his dog food from his snuffling bowl

gotta bring back Pluto cuz without it you only got Mars, Saturn, and Uranus.

dachshund on a spring go boing boing boing
yap yap yap
boing boing boing
dachshund on a spring go boing boing boing
yap yap boing boing boing

pic has 5th glyph 

my duolingo skill (or stubbornity, anyway) is 1337!

i got that popular song "Snail on a Spring (Go Boing Boing Boing)" by @digitalthan stuck in my brain again

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