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A Pit and a Dangling Chop-Chop, by Gold Bug’s Author

Chop-Chops on Morbid Road, by Gold Bug’s Author

That Tattling Blood-Organ What I Did Chop-Chop Though I Am Not Mad, by Gold Bug’s Author

Gold Bug cryptogram only has 24 glyphs in its glyphbag. No J or V - did Gold Bug's author carry a loathing for VJs?

A Burial Too Soon, by Gold Bug's Author [short & valid variant]

As a morbid chap, I was thinking way too much of folks falling sick, dying, in swaddling, in tombs, tons of soil pushing down—waking up, not a stiff at all!—waking up in a coffin! Oh! Ugh! Argh! Such a gloriously awful night-fancy!

But just a fancy, until—waking up from much drinking, I found pitch dark, wood an inch from my arms, an inch from my scalp—Oh! Ugh! Argh!

...but it was just a narrow bunk I was napping in.

- FIN -

An Oval Portrait, by Gold Bug's Author [short & valid variant]

I got sick on a trip, so my assistant and I snuck into a shut down mansion to chill out. Too sick to nap, I was gazing at paintings in my room and studying an art catalog. A particular painting of a young woman was striking, so I found its story:

A girl, marrying an artist, found that this guy was into his art but not into his girl, so got sick, passing away... just as Mr Art Guy was finishing this painting of his gal.

- FIN -

and fifty pounds avoirdupois; and in this

"runs thus: a o i d h n r s t u y c f g l m w b k p q x z."

"Alburtus Magnus" brings to mind this guy

Outstanding folk I know:

1. Outthink orthography
2. Shout at own ass
3. Want to fuck that flag
4. Go boing boing boing
5. Did a stint in coconut jail
6. Go amid fog
7. snail
8. storm of God's quick wrath is first

Ouliping whilst I’m riding a taxi through so many longholings

Holland Longholing (‘twixt Manhattan and Joisy)
Brooklyn-Manhattan Longholing
That funny mini-longholing in which you think halfway to Brooklyn but actually it just puts you at start of B-M LH

I’m hoping an anthropologist is studying oulipo.social to find out about birth and growth of in-joaks

A particularly good bot conjunction

It's my birthday! My living duration in solar orbits, if writing out longways, is now again oulipian.

I'm just thinking about on how many occasions a skillful burglar would put in months forging a copy of Mona Lisa, and braving guards and cops to go and swap this copy for that original Da Vinci, and at last back in snug sanctuary, sipping whisky and admiring this famous painting, finally noticing that this, too, is also a copy.

Plural of cactus is cacti

Dog and I can only jog for a short duration. But this song is also short so it works!

Whistling “snail on a spring” as I jog with my dog in this park. It’s good fast-moving music.

I am busy busy and anxious nowadays and not going on social www much. But all that I actually miss is oulipo.social.