dog and car 

look at this big old car my dog found!

dog pic looking at you 

small dog, big park

ranjit boosts

food pic 

Oulipo is not dying as long as you carry forth its traditions: always photograph hummus

ranjit boosts

Bartlby mood 

I don’t wanna

ranjit boosts

dog looking at you pic 

sunny day dog


I had no hummus for 2 or 3 months, possibly I should go buy a hummus today

dog pic 

It’s my dog, sniffing a shrub

pic of a dog looking right at you 


dog pic 

which is pup and which is snaik!?

o, to work for Bob Ross show - folks got joy from Bob's joyful smol woods

food and alcohol 

a bloody mary
a fancy fromazh
a girasol root
a garlicky pickal
snack for a sunday!

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