food and alcohol 

a bloody mary
a fancy fromazh
a girasol root
a garlicky pickal
snack for a sunday!

food: my lunch 

was a boba matcha drink and a fancy tuna sandwich 😋

dog pic 

Occasionally a dog might go around imploding an AC

old: happy birthday
gold: harpy bath day

What oulipian constraint was that film "Minions" proposing?

Ban an 'a'!

I forgot what spot I got this frog from, it’s not my own painting

dog pic 

It’s gold month in this park

dog pic not looking 

Look at this dog

dog pics, non-v food 

Would a dog want a bacon? Turns out: yup, a dog would want a bacon.

you who said no to dog pics, don’t look at this. this is a dog pic. 

dog is flat

should i post additional dog pics

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