Ask not for whom that gong tolls, it gongs for—

Soup: SOUP

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Matt: nobody may know that day or that hour—

Soup: SOUP

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dracula daily 

today's drac is so long and so scary!

@joshly i was trying to find that barchart bot for copying from, but i had totally forgot its @

) ))

possibly "odd" al yankovic is among us now, using a cryptonym. 👀

i also thought of "actual poo for my oulipals" but smartly did not say it

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oulipo for my actual pals, actipo for my oulipals

Irony Alanis, who finds almost four thousand things ironic in a month, is unusual and should not go into your statistics

pronouncing “uphill” as “uh, Phil”

1 thrips 2 thrips crimson thrips indigo thrips

whoa TIL singular form of “thrips” is “thrips”. This is a thrips. Now you got two. You got two thrips.

In conclusion, it is fun to say “thrips.”

gopro + sparrow =


“Val, asa las papas”

✋🏼 hbo max 📺🛏️🥱💤
👉🏼 h-bom ax 💣🪓🍄💥

uh oh, did @a_day_in_dublin stop posting back in Twomonth?

"hair hanging down, waiting for"
...for what??

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