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@ojahnn Back at work again at our linguistics library. All day folks ask to download corpora. Buddy, boss won't allow anybody to download that! #drilipo

@sculpin @ojahnn if you swap ichthyofauna for ALL words though, that's amazing.

@ojahnn I'm going to Caramoor - a bucolic spot north of NYC - to hang out with a pal and find out how that (locally only partial) occlusion looks from within a mosquito cloud. And I got an artwork at Caramoor that might do a cool thing (or not) at that instant, so I'll film it provisionally.

@sculpin ...Friday Aug 11, 7pm: Studio Walkthrough & Artist Party!

@phooky so magical but i ain't got a windows :'(

@sculpin I'll find out if pilchuck has public stuff going on!

@ojahnn two usaian towns now, Dutch towns in a month or so!

So futuristic to post to Oulipo from up high in an aircraft and watch tv from waaay up high

@mlc dolfins and wails: two kinds of citations.

My dog sits by my chair a lot, but always runs away if I'm talking to Duolingo. Both Dutch and Danish - I'm imagining that doggy finds my bad pronunciation of both too annoying to stand for.

@phooky I wouldn't want to do that!

@ojahnn @phooky on boring days phooky works on a drill ha ha

@phooky Don't know about John Cag but a lot with John Cal.

@phooky No was particularly good at making songs with David Byrn.

just noticing that Iain M. Banks is a good topic. I found his book "Against a Dark Background" particularly fun.