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background: originally known as Hönkiton in Bavaria, this

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know this distinction
it is possibly vital

ranjit boosts

*slaps roof of straw* this bad boy c- *it falls in*

*slaps roof of sticks* this bad boy can hold s- *it also falls in*

*slaps roof of bricks* this bad boy *slaps again* can hold so *slaps it with both hands* many pigs!!! >:0

*slaps roof of COPS* this bad boy, whatcha gonna do

*slaps roof of roof* this roof can fit so many roofs in it

roof roof roof
what is it, roofy? slappy's in a pit?
roof! roof!
that bad boy

moving SANDWICH sticky to laptop as i pack up, so as i unpack and want to look at mastodon it will say to put away that sandwich too

I can't think of a fourth thing, I'll think of a fourth thing

I can't walk to Hawaii, I'll walk to Hawaii

I can't swallow bricks, I'll swallow bricks

I can't go on, I'll go on

scribbling "SANDWICH" on a bit of masking sticky and sticking it on my backpack so i don't abandon my half sandwich in studio coldbox as i pack up to go

i was gonna do a Valid Fifty Shads of Gray Parts bot but I found a distraction: "holy shit" shows up in that book on about fifty occasions. I'll allow @ranjit to finish this story 'cuz of bad glyphs that should not sully this spot.


Why was oupopo not a thing? Woulda thought it an obvious variation for bards and lyric authors.

you can now play my handspun polkas and many odd and fantastic polkas by various oddballs, from Stashu's Polka Show tonight on WFMU! wfmu.org/playlists/shows/80770