Mick: stop saying short so much, Glossatory

Glossatory: small!

i had no tahini so it's got ground-up roast pumpkin pips with a bit of sumsum oil

(sounds fancy but it's - just ok)

it has that cilantro color cuz i put a lot of hot chili and cilantro in it

always photograph hummus cookt from scratch!

(it is ok, not fantastic hummus, but it was my first try in many 12-months)

i want a 2nd cup of but i also want to go out to snack on fruit pastry, and fruit pastry and go so good as a pair, and 3 cups is too much, so i will wait

🥧 💭 ☕

ranjit boosts

Cat, a Kansas animal, a salami (n.): as a snak atac!

ranjit boosts

POOR HARRY: a short of a victirm of a glossatory prank

a fox has many thoughts, but a lizard has 1 bug thought

Avocado is my smashfast

(and a hot go-fast drink)

i put hot salsa on it to yummify it a bit but it still fights back

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