is such a thing as too much duolingo a possibility!?

food pic 

frijol y arroz con k-so, thanks to @molly for inspiration!

my dogs knows that sound i'm making if i'm putting on socks, and runs up hoping for a walk

do you want to watch my dog munching his noms from a snuffling bowl? if so, i gotcha


whoops i possibly did it again

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whoops, i possibly had too much pizza o___o

food, grump 

i want lunch but i don't want to do anything about it.

so, i sit, hungry.

Soon may that Wallaman run
To bring us sugar and chai and rum
In a month or two, if tonguin's through
I'll cry good morrow and go


1. chop a ton of garlic into tiny bits
2. fry it in oil until crispy
3. pull it out of oil
4. using that oil, fry a lot of dry hot chili
5. add crispy garlic and/or chili oil to snacks of all kinds

roman oulipo 

pay atXtion

using a rag and floor wax to buff an orpington

to you who cook hummus, i got a q - how long is tahini good in my coldbox? it has sat for probably 10-11 months and is not factory-shut, but if it has no limits, i can still cook hummus soon

story story 

yo, Sr. T.!


rots! y??

or, sty...

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