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I'm just finishing a wild and odd (in a good way) sci fi book, "Stars 'r' Many" by K.H. It was both gross and n-grossing! arstechnica.com/the-multiverse

@ojahnn sad to admit i don't know which song that is!

ranjit boosts

missing. Pip! Pip! Ding, dong, ding! Who’s

@aparrish i'm only now waking up from my post-danmark coma, though i got back 6 days ago

In imitation of fashions of today, I got a list of all locally-compliant songs from my ohrwurm account twitter.com/earwormreport and this is it


@nv my grandpapa and I
round Nassau town us two did roam

...I got ohrwurm'd again!

@ojahnn now I got that song stuck in my noggin! (Hmm, I can say "ohrwurm" but not my local synonym)

@mus @ojahnn 🎵it was a hard day's night
I'm working as a dog works
It was a hard day's night
I should nap... as a dog naps

I got an icy citron drink with my falafals but it's giving such a cold brain pain! #banalipo

@ojahnn @mus a nap, a nap, my kingdom for a nap

@sculpin this song starts with "baba ganoush, baba ganoush, baba ganoush baba ganoush babaganoush!"

pps: snack was tidbits of raw chili with chunks of sharp-flavor milk solids in a British town at gridpoint ST458535's fashion - and I got a song I sing for this particular snack, a variation on youtube.com/watch?v=fZKLZM8yVe

Stupid shit I think about whilst making a snack: should "SHAC" as an acronym for "so hot a chili" hold as pronunciation "shack", "shatch", or "satch"+aspiration?

"shack": most obvious from orthography; "shatch": as if CH was 1 glyph not 2 - but if that's so, you'd think SH would also, so - "satch" with aspiration.

I should probably find a hobby or try changing snacks.

ps: also I find it annoying that snacks and socks can go to snax and sox but I can't short naps to naψ.

@prawnwarp whoa, I always try to do a bot or similar for all bloomsdays but today I got air lag and don't wanna do anything!

Now I'm back in U!S!A! - but in NJ not NY. I'm riding this rattling FUTURISTIC MONORAIL in a gradual cityward motion. instagram.com/p/BVYsTBRBzcm/

My flight back to U!S!A! is many hours tardy but at minimum this airport has good snacks