nostalgia: that day in which t*c* b_ll put an account on oulipo

it did not find that happy aloha that noncorporation visitors can trust at this spot, no

@sculpin it was at an instant in which was showing up in a lot of blogs and journalism, which is a sugar that attracts brands

"Do you want brands? 'cuz this is how you attract brands!"

@ranjit What? How could that company go so far as to apply for an account on oulipo? Isn't its brand a violation of taboo?

@CarlMuckenhoupt its first half is not! i think it had a 🔔 in its nick.

@ranjit i don't think it was actually a brand; i think it was a hoax

@kit probably so! @rjl20 could look at that account’s mail addy for hints but I dunno if it’s worth going into

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