@ranjit "so it is said: thou cans't comb a hairy biologist smooth"

@starlit @ranjit corollary: "you can't comb a hairy ball flat without building a cowlick"

@joshly @ranjit pyotr is working on a solution to just this conundrum. what if, an actual cow was at our disposal. 🤔🐶

@ranjit What fools! Not dogs playing but dogs playing god. A ball was thrown (two actually) but what was brought back? A monstrosity.

@bcj "Frankenstein is the dog - the ball should be referred to as Frankenstein's Ball"

@ranjit Frankenstein is the protagonist — the creator should be referenced as Frankenstein’s Monster

@bcj just thinking, a good scary story could spring from this: a spooky dog who in playing always brings back a subtly wrong thing

@ranjit This is good. I think what I would call it is that word that is not a thing in the film about churlish girls. (I'm avoiding it as it is not a good oulipo word).

@bcj ohh, good word for naming this story, and good way of hinting at this word.

@ranjit you know how humans have chalk-colour-looking rocks to stop from just flopping around? dog brings said rocks but from who? Turns out it is your rocks. Mad spooky

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