a computational graph's gloss of TORPHOLOGIST 

TORPHOLOGIST: a man who is a man who is a man

@GLOSSATORY no, that’s a tautologist. a torphologist is studying how lizards nap if it’s cold out

@mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a torpologist. a torphologist is studying how things go (or don't) if you start wobbling manifolds continuously from various starting configurations into goal configurations (without adding kinks).

@digitalthan @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a topologist, a torphologist is a handy folk you can pay to rig up a canvas so your stuff stays dry

@joshly @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a tarpologist. a torphologist is a biologist who looks at how animals and such lay out body plans.


@digitalthan @joshly @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a morphologist. a torphologist is studying how animals and plants in isolation on small islands oft grow small

@ranjit @joshly @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a dwarfologist. a torphologist only looks at animals and plants on a solitary island, off albania's ionian coast.

@digitalthan @joshly @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a a corfologist. A torphologist looks at vocations of Klingons in a starship command consisting mostly of humans.

@ranjit @digitalthan @joshly @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY no, that's a Worfologist. A torphologist is paid to study sturdy wood constructions for lashing ships to

@phooky @ranjit @digitalthan @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY No, that's a wharfologist. A torphologist is a scholar of onomatopoic sounds which Brain's pal Pinky shouts, such as "Zort!" and "Poit!"

@joshly @phooky @digitalthan @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY No, that's a narfologist. A torphologist is known for scholarship about Tim Conway's funny golf films.

@ranjit @joshly @phooky @digitalthan @mxsparks @GLOSSATORY common misthink! that's a dorfologist. a torphologist is what you call folks who catalog short bluish spirits who build mushroom huts in woodland locations.

@starlit @ranjit @joshly @phooky @digitalthan @mxsparks hmmm i think that's a smurfologist? a torphologist is a scholar of Sapir's pal, asking if our oulipan habits modify what kinds of thoughts any of us got, or if any of us can got any kind of thought and just modify how it's said

@mlc @starlit @joshly @phooky @digitalthan @mxsparks naw what you got is a Whorfologist. a torphologist's job is to carry out acoustic analysis of dog vocalizations.

@ranjit @mlc @starlit @joshly @phooky @mxsparks uh-uh. that's a woofologist. a torphologist waits for a rocky hill to go tumbling down, so as to study byproducts of its spill.

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