I thought a bit about what my goal is in using oulipo dot social.

My 'conscious' goal is to slow my writing and bring forth only toots which I find important, and join a community which also thinks in this way.

My day-to-day tooting, otoh, is all dumb puns and writing again old prosody without that glyph. And joining a community which also toots in this way.

Oulipo is an amalgam of such toots, but right now I want to tilt back to that first sort.

@phooky i log on to oulipo dot social to construct convincing alibis

@kit i submit that your oulipo alibi is highly dubious

@phooky hogwash! look at this turnip! look at this tractor! look at this tub for hog washing!

@kit that turnip is full of opium, this tractor is an M1 Abrams tank, and this tub is full of.. ugh, is this stagnant blood? your alibi is a fiasco and you should hang your noggin low, sir

@phooky you claim to know an awful lot about @kit's opium turnips. is it in fact YOU who must obtain an alibi???


@mlc @kit I saw @phooky last night on a dark back road with a barrow full of globular roots and a shifty look.

But turnips? It was too dark to say. possibly rutabagas. Normal unguilty rutabagas.

@mlc @ranjit @phooky this is my kind of sports story tbh. i'm gonna go down to my farm lab and work on cultivating oblong rutabagas.

@ranjit @mlc @kit onions! i was just shifting normal, normal onions! that's why i was crying! it's... *sob*... it's just *bursts into wails* ooonnniiiioooonnnsss

@phooky @mlc @kit all you Totally Normal Farming Folk might find handy this old Totally Normal Farming Garb I would put on back in my criminal - wait, no, back in my farming days

(from flickr.com/photos/ranjit/23129)

@ranjit @mlc @kit
Wow. This is my fav photo now.

- Radish Hobo
- Lady of Shallots
- Bulb Crop Suit

@ranjit @mlc @kit (btw, grand army plaza food scans: still a thing?)

@phooky @mlc @kit can’t afford food nowadays but hoping food scans will thingify again soon!

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