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@aparrish I finally got to play your word-making sport, as our first fun of 2018. It was a hit!

soaking black-dot musical fruit for tomorrow's hoppin' john

I unbound that unicorn. No captivity for wild horngoat! oulipo.social/media/TovIzA7J1a

@kit i got your skillful handcraft card today. Thank you!

flying back to brooklyn tonight with my dog, landing at an awful A.M. hour

Buddy, Ahab won't allow ANY sailor to look at a kannakin.

I'm having fun with this long birdspot saga about Fast Road Bird and Skinny Hungry Wolfling twitter.com/connorratliff/stat

Hmm, no oulipian annum until Thirty Two Oh Two. Oulipo Party on January Two, Thirty Two Oh Two!

(I would not say "Thirty Oh Two" but "3 Thousand and Two". If you would say that, you can throw your own party 2400 months prior to my party.)

Ping my inbox at ranjit@moonmilk.com with your compliant or noncompliant postal location if you want a card from my batch!

(I only got four surplus cards so you might gotta wait til I print again in January)

Pics: various stamp-trying-out folios by visitors to our workshop

Tonight in Brooklyn is 2nd night of Toy Piano Carnival. My robot toy piano will play tonight and tomorrow!



...finally, six months past my danmark visit.


I took a trip today to that big Urban Musing-Station of Art with my pal Kitundu, and I saw this bad dog.

Hall of Flags was shut for a fancy party and, buddy, nobody would allow us to go in. oulipo.social/media/6UzpJwjBo2

ranjit boosts

i'm having drinks with @ranjit and @v21 right now which i think is a good opportunity to post on this account again! hi all

flood warnings
a snail
damp socks

I did my book for that coding thing! And I did a vid for it for - who knows why.

My book is totally ok for oulipo.social.