A song by my 90s fanboy-crush Irish-folk-punk band that is now topical again, alas.


Aficionados of William Shakystick, now doing a play of Willy fanfic about Lady Jan Gray, monarch of Anglic-Land for 9 days in 1553

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Possibly a bit of activity is stirring now. But it’s 1.5 hours in and I’m sick of waiting. Hip folk, look at a clock!

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Out on a Friday night for a modular synth thing, but hardly anybody turnt up.

At my mom’s church, looking forward to a flutist, at minimum, if not churchy mumbo-jumbo. Surprisingly this church omits taboo glyph. Or its short form anyway.

Young adult Julia is hating humdrum old Italy, with a fam that wants girls to stay in a box, till sharp-looking Romulo turns it all topsy-turvy. Lurv! But Julia’s clan is at war with Romulo’s, natch. Sorrow! What will Julia do?

Judging a book by its facing art, tho, I do with no qualms.

Am I unusual in that I can’t stand blurbs for books?

A fiction blurb is worst. All lit is gossipy, vacuous, uniformly trivial lit, judging by its blurb.

So many handy synonyms with only good glyphs for that particular action! Twist/turn/spin/crank/adjust a knob/dial.

Doing , do y’all fall into using odd synonyms not actually obligatory for constraint?

I do. Oulipo must just twist a “global oddball diction” dial in my brain.

Post 6 months mostly off FacialBird (and an annum off Mastodon), I dip back into this forum and old addiction is roaring back... Urging to look at PDA 100x a day so I don’t miss a toot... Skipping actual books for this quick fix... O Skinnr thou art diabolical!

That bluish Sunday mood, with Monday coming on fast.

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