Young adult Julia is hating humdrum old Italy, with a fam that wants girls to stay in a box, till sharp-looking Romulo turns it all topsy-turvy. Lurv! But Julia’s clan is at war with Romulo’s, natch. Sorrow! What will Julia do?

Judging a book by its facing art, tho, I do with no qualms.

Am I unusual in that I can’t stand blurbs for books?

A fiction blurb is worst. All lit is gossipy, vacuous, uniformly trivial lit, judging by its blurb.

So many handy synonyms with only good glyphs for that particular action! Twist/turn/spin/crank/adjust a knob/dial.

Doing , do y’all fall into using odd synonyms not actually obligatory for constraint?

I do. Oulipo must just twist a “global oddball diction” dial in my brain.

Post 6 months mostly off FacialBird (and an annum off Mastodon), I dip back into this forum and old addiction is roaring back... Urging to look at PDA 100x a day so I don’t miss a toot... Skipping actual books for this quick fix... O Skinnr thou art diabolical!

That bluish Sunday mood, with Monday coming on fast.

Pains and sorrows of Mastodon programming: bug complaints in

Scha-WING! Birthday gift sat in box 10 long months, now built.

Trying to fix my Masto pic and blurb on iOS. It works not. It says it’s saving fix but no go. Is this a known bug?

Coming back for a look at Mastodon, post a full run around Sol by this mudball.

Waiting at ophthalmologist's clinic, with good jazz on my buds to drown out TV. Wish I could hoist half of my darlin's load but sitting in that chair is a solo act. All good - cataracts will soon vanish!

(I must find a word for my matrimonial darlin' that's not as goofy as "my good half")

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0