hurt wrist things, dr. putting things in body 

hurt body, cs tips 

always photograph hummus 

found out my tinnitus is a G today, which is cool

i had too much brown stuff!
my brain is alight with spark signals going --> F a s t -->


bad cambio of codigos 

rhys boosts
rhys boosts

experts agree that the average american now inadvertently swallows up to eight gigabytes a year

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using my laptop with low sparks until it can't run is risky but Thrilling

world with you? Do you find any worms?

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world with you? Do you find any worms? _Pop_.--Not a sign of

@line_art all it's toots so far don't comply w/ oulipo sadly :/

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i did a non-compliant bot, but im proud of it!

this is just to say
i gobbl'd
a plum
from a solid h20 box

and which
you probably had
for morning food

twas scrumptious
so sugary
and so cold

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a shower curtain 🤝 Living things
being able to move

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