Annum novum faustum vobis!

("Happy" isn't oulipo-compliant in Latin, but a happy solar orbit to you all, too.)

That's.... I don't know, a snail/rabbit hybrid? A snabbit?

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I don't work with fiscal stuff. At all. So why is it my job to craft and submit a doc about how our division plans to comply with an upcoming ginormous shift in how institutional fiscal things work?


RJL20 boosts

Third Night Past Ninth; first act, fifth location

(apart) Wit, if 'tis thy will, grant much good fooling!
Wits, that think to hold thy favor, do oft
turn out fools; and I, that plainly lack thy favor, may
pass for smart: for "What says Quinapalus?
"A witty fool doth outdo a foolish wit."

Oh! Or possibly this will work, and I don't gotta autodidact any 3D skills:

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Who do I know with 3D-printing chops? I got a small & not too fiddly thing I wanna fab, but I don't know how to CAD. Happy to pay for consulting. If you got a contact, plz ping @rjl20 (so our glyph limit won't conflict with communication).

Followup: our chooks don't dig swinging. I might hafta try bribing with tasty grubs or summat.

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Built out our chooks' roaming capacity today, doubling prior land availability. Also bought a swing toy for a chook to swing on. I don't knows if chooks dig swinging, but I'll find out.

Rabbit rabbit rabbit! (It's April, finally. Was it March for a full circumsolar rotation?)

30: Mississippi Snagboat (choosing this not for its ■ dancing quality, but for its oulipo-compliant naming)

28, with aid from @sculpin in finding chords: a waltz by Robin Bullock for his pals' nuptials

27: 8.04672 km of Ulma wood
(V. busy day, but happy that I'm managing to post prior to midnight and not skip a day.)

Howdy to @liamvhogan, who got to this spot not too long ago!

(And a catious hallo to @Brandstorydigital, who I think might not find our constraint amusing, and opt not to post.)

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