Ok, as @sculpin points out, I can go to a "buy from your car" shop right now. I just can't buy anything from such a spot, not from my car anyway.

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Fixing my stuck car window, thanks to instructions from random folks sharing vids. I can't go to "pull up to a window and buy from your car" shops right now, but soon. Soon.

Also howdy to @dougfort, who has no toots, but is possibly a potato! (Is a tooting potato a stunt dish similar to a blooming onion?)

Howdy to @markus, @caf, @lstudio, and any folks who didn't toot so far or put down a bio, so I didn't say howdy to you! Sorry I didn't do this prior to now!

Posting in an idiom of Hayastan is a way to comply with our prohibition on that glyph, no doubt. Howdy, @miskaryan!

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Six accounts in 24 hours? On a normal day oulipo.social would grow by 1 at most. Did I miss a shout out in a popular spot?

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hi!a guy who wants to add words is landing!

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Community additions and back-from-hiatus folks for today: @KNTRO and @skk

Howdy or good having you back, as fits your situation!

Howdy, @solhurok! Into avoiding glyphs? You'll do just dandy in this spot.

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