"whatcha doin this morning?"
"not much, just studying mastodon's DB layout so I can possibly try coding a word-counting script for @rjl20 to run on all of oulipo-town's posts"

actually @rjl20 is probably a coding-knowing folk whom I can possibly talk into writing such a script (or possibly bribing - what kind of suds do you drink? :))

@ranjit I could probably do such a thing. What kind of word-counting is it you want?

@rjl20 thank you!

I'm thinking a how-much-a-word-occurs chart: oulipians said "snail" or "Snail" or "SNAIL"... on 878 occasions, "flag" on 7557 occasions, and so forth

@ranjit Splitting local toots from far-away toots looks a bit tricky, but I think I can do this post-lunch.

@ranjit Minus words from DMs: oulipo.social/words-20180910.t

(Naif coding: singular and plural forms both show up in list, stray punctuation on occasion, &c.)

@rjl20 snail is in top 100
linguistics is in top 1000

@ranjit A good match with what I was anticipating!

@rjl20 @ranjit according to my scroll bar, roughly half this list is a hapax! i didn't think it was that many

@ranjit @kit I just had a thought: that list didn't strip out words from bots. Should I strip out bots I know about and post again?

@rjl20 @ranjit i don't think so, also i'd hazard that bots don't account for a ton of that list's hapax words

@kit @rjl20 @ranjit ah, but Jimmy Jay probably has lots of hapax words, that guy has almost as much passion for non-words as any linguist has!

@ojahnn @rjl20 @ranjit that's a good point! i was only thinking of quasi & whit.

jimmy, i'm sorry i forgot you

@ojahnn @rjl20 @ranjit also, i think of our handful of bots as an important part of our community and i don't want to discount bot contributions to our discussions or our vocabulary

@kit @ojahnn @rjl20 @ranjit particularly as our communal habit is to pick up what our bots say if it's odd, or out of our ordinary vocabulary in any way!

@ojahnn @kit @ranjit For "bots" I'm including @whit_whal, @quasihaiku, @allvalidwords, and @a_day_in_dublin

Hapax with bots: 12167 / 22648

Hapax without bots: 11737 / 21759

Hapax with only bots: 1578 / 3056

@kit @ojahnn @ranjit Yup! Initially baffling, but should work out according to that diagram. (Also a possibility: I'm not good at SQL.)


@kit @ojahnn @ranjit "Is that a hapax in your diagram, or can't you constrain your joy at my proximity?"

@rjl20 @kit I had thought of comparing, though I think of our bots as an important part of our community!

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